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  1. Someone has been watching friends.
  2. refrigerated fruits taste better than room temperature to me
  3. Actually, the long term side effects of creatine have never been proven or disproven. Second of all, creatine is natural, but the powder in the bottle you ingest is not natural. Think about it. But, you guys are right, its not REALLY cheating. But, It obviously gives the person who has money to buy supplements like creatine a great advantage over someone who is financially unable to buy supplements. Therefore, it could be labeled cheating... However, my post was not referring to that. Me a
  4. MARINO, YOU CRACK ME UP. THANK YOU. I now want to join the spam fighting team. Any chance of me getting in?
  5. duac is 5% benzoyl peroxide and 1% clindamycin. I took this with minocycline and it worked well but definately dried out my skin a lot. I only used it every other day, well, really every other morning i took mino twice a day every day but my topicals went like this: monday:duac in morning/retin a at night' tuesday: wash with dove at morning and night wednesday:duac in morning/retina at night Thursday: wash with dove at morning and night You get the picture...
  6. good question, not sure, but i got used to mino and zits came back so my derm put me on septra.
  7. my sister is 21 now, but she had acne (pretty bad) when she was a little younger. I used to tell her, "Just wash your face and you won't get zits. Thats what I do." Boy, has that backfired on me. But she is the only one in my family that semi knows what she is talking about as my parents didn't really have acne and they are retarded about it most of the time. So, I guess my sister helps a little bit.
  8. It's right outside of baton rouge. A weird thing about it though, is that it plays in the mississippi private school league. My school baseball team played them last year in a 4 team playoff series. It was a very long drive, lol. They are really really good at baseball, as they had like 3 or 4 players go to div. 1 colleges or higher (pro/semi pro). It seems like you should have heard of them, but oh well. Today was pretty much an improvement upon the pimples i had yesterday. Really no new
  9. I think you're right, im a guy too, but i have an older sister : D
  10. Fearlessbunnylove, have you heard of central private school?
  11. allmorg42


    EVERYBODY SIMMA DOWN btw svet, whats wrong with being in high school? come on, we may be a little young, but we are not behind the times. And whats the difference between college and high school anyways? Both get drunk and have parties every weekend, so its pretty much all the same. Peace, Tyler
  12. Yeah, im still sick, but its not that bad(no school for me today ) Where do you live Fearless? Well, today i slept in because, as you know, i am sick. My face looks better than yesterday, but i still have some zits. My chin feels horrible when i rub the bp in, but it doesn't really seem to have any zits on it. Hopefully there won't be any to form there, but it feels like they will. Hopefully me getting off septra for a week won't hurt me but i will fill you in. As always, more comments
  13. where do you live? i live in mississippi and i can order on monday and it will be at my house by friday. Are you international?
  14. Read your first post jenkee. TYPO
  15. Sorry for the lapse in posts, yesterday night, i came in the computer room and moved the mouse to turn the screen saver off and as I did, the power went out. It is now 9:00 at night a day later, So here goes: Yesterday and today my face has started breaking out. I believe it is because i have gotten sick the past few days, but not sure. I went to the doctor today and he prescribed me something but told me to lay off my acne antibiotic (septra) for a week. Hopefully the regimen will do the
  16. Mine does too, normally my skin looks less oily and better complected about 30 minutes to an hour after i apply the moisturizer(eucerin).
  17. Just curious, where did you get the term earmuffs from? i had a coach use this term a lot a year or two ago, just wondering where it came from.
  18. I've been on the regimen about a month now, and using eucerin 2-3 weeks and i think it actually has helped my redmarks. I started noticing an improvement the last few days. This is just my thoughts though, talk to you guys later, Tyler
  19. I live in north mississippi and they are calling for 80 mile an hour winds tommorrow. That shows you how powerful Katrina is, and it scares me about the people in new orleans. I'll pray for you all.
  20. Sunnygirl, you copied my title. Shame Shame. Just kidding, good luck with the regimen.
  21. It's your choice. But if you do decide to get the 2.5%, follow the regimen strictly for 3 months and see how it goes for you. Good Luck, Tyler
  22. Hensiku, its hard to get a job at 14. You can't drive and most places dont hire until 16. Take surewhatever's advice. Let your mom look over the website, and then suck up to her. lol, good luck.
  23. Well put, however, the cow doesn't have to be pregnant to have hormones. Most cows are injected with hormones to "fatten them up" or stuff like this.