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  1. today, one zit right where the forehead meets the nose. It feels cool as it has started drying up but it was an actual pimple, but i haven't had a whole lot of those lately. My face is still dry, even after what, like a month and a half? And plus i was already using a 5% bp before i started. Hopefully it will get used to it, anyways i still think my redmarks are fading slowly. ttyl
  2. I dont use any type of peels, however i do use eucerin skin renewal day lotion, which has a low percentage of aha, lactic acid. I naturally have pretty good skin besides the acne, and i am very dark complected so that probably helps. Also that is a cheap camera. Here is what my regimen consists of: morning and night cetaphil antibacterial cleanser (bar) wait 15 min. give or take apply dans bp gel wait 15 min. give or take apply eucerin skin renewal day lotion I also have to put a cetaphil
  3. my skin complexion comes and goes, but generally it is pretty good wi. Fearless, if you do go to the derm, get an antibiotic. This worked extremely well for me, but obviously i got used to it. But maybe by the time u get used to it you won't get acne any more, or at least we can hope. Today my face looked great. No real active pimples, my face isn't really that irritated but its wanting to peel a little bit. Also my neck is peeling off in a very weird way, like half of it is a different co
  4. allmorg42


    we bought this house five years ago. To this day we still have absolutely no idea what those do.
  5. face looked good today. Pretty much no active zits, one small little dried up one on my chin. My face however, is a little irritated, not sure why. Redspots kinda sorta seem to be fading. On another note, i rode a dirtbike today for the first time. Yeah, the second time i got on it i started off and accidentally popped a nice wheelie. It was pretty cool, and i think ive got the hang of it now. Peace, Tyler
  6. that zit went down if not completely away. Other zits were very minimal as i just have what seems to be some small ones come up on my chin. It's all good though, i really feel like these red spots are fading, although it is always hard to tell. TTYL
  7. the humid climate will change that for you in about a year Today my face looked good. SKin complexion not too bad, but not great. I still have that one zit on the side of my upper left cheek, but its going down in size i think. ttyl
  8. how old are you? i posted pics in the gallery guys btw.
  9. From the album: Me

    I took this about 10 minutes ago with a 20 dollar digital. Sorry it is so pixelated. The same goes for the other pics.
  10. Today my skin still looked good. It is a little irritated however from sun exposure i believe. It's not bad irritation, my face is just a little sensitive, thats all. I have a zit thats on the left side of my face on my cheek. It doesn't look all that great, but since its pretty much the only one ive got it doesn't look all that bad either. I have to go back to school tomorrow and that is going to suck. Any comments are always welcome, about anything you want to talk about(i know that i sa
  11. i had a nice case of moderate acne and im on the regimen. I've literally been eating 32 oz. milkshakes like every day. It shouldn't hurt you. Although, different people have different reactions. I would just follow the regimen and then you could probably eat whatever you want.
  12. Good news, State won. Yeah, we beat murray state. Who by the way, looked like a high school team. Anyways, we still beat somebody. My face looked great today and yesterday, really don't have any active pimples(maybe one or two whiteheads, but really small). I got to hang out with a lot of girls last night at the game, and that was definately great, especially when I didn't have to really worry about my face. Fearless, I would definately try it. Be brave, stand up for your school. Talk to
  13. Just a lil boredom. My face looks great today. One tiny pimple that tried to form but didn't really succeed. Go mississippi state!!!! thats right i live in bulldog country baby!!!!!! talk to you guys later.
  14. Marino? An actual normal post? I'm amazed
  15. they must have changed the ingredients
  16. Lol, fearless. Today my face looks better than yesterday. I really don't have any active pimples but if I do they are really small. But like I said earlier, I have a lot of redmarks. Yeah, they suck, but I would much rather have them instead of zits. Talk to you guys later, Tyler
  17. read the topic start post by this guy. Then read the post by the same name +son. They are 4 minutes apart. AMAZING. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that wraps that one up.
  18. "Cracker"-also can be defined as another term for a white guy. Thanks, Tyler
  19. basis dried me out to much. I like the cetaphil antibacterial bar. Also, if you are from the u.s. shipping will only be 3.00 or 3.50