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  1. definately a good idea with the clear moist., as i play lots of sports and its extremely annoying. However, I would rather have the cream if the gel can't be formulated to work as good as original eucerin spf 15.
  2. According to my dermatologist, it doesn't make a "Hillabeans" difference whether you wait 15 minutes for your face to dry or not. I followed his advice (while on the regimen, of course), and haven't seen any difference. So just wash, pat dry with towel, and immediately apply bp. I also don't rub bp in, just get it smooth on the skin and let it soak in by itself, so you're free to do what you want. Hope it helps
  3. Antibiotics get a bad rep. I'm not saying they are good for you, and they probably are not your body's favorite nutrient. However, they are extremely effective at clearing acne. I've been on an antibiotic for about 1 and a half years now, and haven't really had any side effects. However, the antibiotics do tend to stop working because your body gets immune to them, hence the regimen for stopping what the antibiotic doesn't get. I've had to change antibiotics once already and I am probably f
  4. I must recommend the Eucerin Skin Renewal SPF 15. I too had stinging with the cetaphil, but it was the face cream(recommended by the regimen). Eucerin is also recommended by the regimen, and it will get rid of the flakes like no other, and makes your skin feel great.
  5. allmorg42

    ONE YEAR Right

    holy piss, that is awesome. I'm very happy for you. Could you pm me and tell me whether you play sports and what (if any) complications were with these sports and side effects of accutane you incurred. Thanks, Tyler
  6. yeah cetaphil burns my skin to where i can only use bp once a day. I was using eucerin til it was discontinued and i quit for about 2 months but now i realize that you can order it off of drugstore.com. Can't wait til it comes in, haha.
  7. are vegetarians really all that healthy? I mean, seriously, every vegetarian I see has almost no muscle mass and is generally very weak. A little off topic, but...
  8. negative fill me in on what you find out though, haha.
  9. the eucerin moisturizer dan recommends has been discontinued. He is in the process of making a copy of it for us, but its not done yet, FYI.
  10. If benzoyl peroxide was that harmful don't you think a lot of people around the world would be very ill that use it. Benzoyl Peroxide is in tons of stuff that almost all teens experiment with a little, such as clearasil.
  11. I believe it also spreads around more easily, but maybe its just me.
  12. if you apply twice a day, then do you guys apply every 12 hours or so? Applying at uneven intervals could be the problem. Just a thought, Tyler
  13. I thought the same thing when I got it. It is close to proactiv's smell it seems like, but it isn't bad at all. It goes away instantly, you can just smell it coming out of the tube.
  14. I believe a breakout would be kind of relative to your face. EX: If you only get 1 or two zits per two weeks, then your face is not going to just erupt, but you might get the normal plus maybe one more possibly. Hope this helps, Tyler
  15. FYI in case anybody recommends eucerin, it has been discontinued.
  16. I would say, if possible, go see a dermatologist. The reason being is because I am not sure what you are trying to describe when you say "holes". Maybe Dan or Brandy knows though, they could probably help you out.
  17. Regardless to what you may or may not think, all antibiotics are NOT the same thing and all of them do NOT work in the same way. I was on minocycline for about 6-7 months, got immune to it, then got on septra and it started working for me. I am still currently on it, but i use the regimen as well to try and stay totally clear so as to get rid of the redmarks. I have been on antibiotics for at least a year now, so dont just say that they won't work after two months. I think everybody should g
  18. My face got pretty irritated this week. I think it is because i would sleep late and not put my stuff on til like 12 and then do it again at like 8 or 9, and it was too much at a time. Well, anyways, im pretty clear, not much change. Redmarks seem to be trying to fade, but nothing drastic, haha. I still put mederma on whenever my face doesn't feel to dry. Well, leave me some comments or questions, ttyl, Tyler
  19. School pictures turned out good, i will try to get it scanned later, however i dont have a scanner. Face is looking really clear, the only thing even near a pimple that last few weeks has been very few small miniature bumps that dissolve in a day, but there has not been many of those. Face is still a little dry after washing, im still using the mederma. I've noticed the mederma adds dryness so i only use it at night and sometimes every other night, depending on how dry my face is. I have no
  20. School pictures were today and i didn't have a zit on my face, just the redmarks. My only complaint really would be the dry skin, it wants to peel just enough to make me mad when i eat. The other gripe would be the fact that when i sweat it turns white and streaks down my face during basketball practice, that sucks. TTYL all comments wanted badly.
  21. thanks dusta for the info, anyways ill update you guys I have been really busy lately so sorry for the delay. Today I really only have one active zit on my right upper cheek and really small bumps on my chin (like 3 to 4) that i can feel but i cannot ever see them. I started putting MEDERMA on at night at the request of my dermatologist and i think it does help the redmarks to fade, although slowly. BTW i put it on after i put everything else on at night, so as not to mess with the regimen.
  22. allmorg42


    ^^^so do you you!!!!!!
  23. face is looking good, have a small pimple near my mouth in the chin area, and also maybe some small pimple(1 to 3 of them) trying to form, but i cant really tell. My derm recommended mederma to help with the scars(red marks). I put it on after everything else if i feel like it, and btw i am still not waiting for my face to dry before putting on the bp, as my derm said it didnt matter. Skin complexion looked pretty good today, my face is still dry. On another note... I went and played golf o
  24. i went to the derm yesterday and he told me that it doesn't make "quote a hillabeans difference" whether or not you wait for 15 minutes before applying bp. So i have stopped waiting, ill keep you posted. Skin complexion isn't great but isn't too bad today, had a fun time out tonight, also got some nice stares (the good kind), ttyl