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  1. Ok so its been about a year and a half since my last post. Well I eventually got off of the regimen because a derm told me that differin was much better than bp, without question. He was wrong. I now have a new dermatologist. When Eucerin was discontinued I started using proactiv(last summer I started), and then I went to my new dermatologist for the first time. He is a lot older and more experienced, but kind of traditional. He still let me use the proactiv during the day and told me to p
  2. I've started noticing lately that the second child of a married couple tends to have worse acne than the first. It's not the case everytime, but its weird remembering someone's older brother and looking at his younger brother...the older one NEVER had a pimple while the younger one is covered....I've only noticed this in guys by the way...Anybody think this could be true? Also, neither one of my parents has ever had any problem with acne whatsoever, however mine is absolutely terrible. I got
  3. I've taken 3 a day for three months on, one month off, since July of Last year. No side effects that I know of, although I might have gotten moodier, but it could just be the teenage hormones and the fact that I had the predisposed notion that Vitamin A/accutane might cause anger.
  4. I was directed by my dermatologist (old, in his late 70's to 80's, but very good) to take 3 vitamin A capsules right after supper every night for 3 months, then take a month off, and repeat the 3 month cycle. I've done this since July I think and I think it does help for helping acne(not positive though, I'm on an antibiotic too, although I've been on several the past 2-3 years so this isn't my first time). I also started taking a zinc pill with it last cycle, but I'm not sure if this is healt
  5. i wonder if some of you act this ill tempered in real life, do you tired of waiting?
  6. internet forums are stupid places, 50% of people mostly get on cause we feel like arguing with someone we don't know because we are bored, me included sometimes
  7. Blah, blah, fucking blah. nice pic trouble, hes a mississippi boy, whoop whoop
  8. my derm gave me a huge routine on how to shave, it included shaving with a mach 3(i guess that would be similar) manual razor, and gillette sensitive skin shaving cream(he specifically stated the foamy kind, and to use about as little as needed). He told me to kinda steam my face with a damp warm rag for 45 seconds then wash with purpose, shave, but then i wash with my proactiv benzoyl proactiv wash(im not on the regimen anymore) and then apply the benzoyl peroxide proactive gel, but thats ju
  9. when i was on duac with retin a at nights and the duac in the morning my face was a little flaky it seemed like very dry. Duac isn't really the same thing, it has an antibiotic in it (clindamycin) and i'm pretty sure your face will eventually get used to it(the antibiotic will quit doing the job) but I guess it works...
  10. when this happened i used the cetaphil spf 15 one, i really hated it compared to the eucerin but it was compatible, but it won't get the flakes off as good.
  11. I've been told i was hot etc. but I think just about every guy has been so thats not really the nicest comment ever, I've been told I have a really awesome vocal quality or whatever by a lot of people (since the good ol voice change) and that I should get into radio or sports broadcasting when I get older. I guess I have a face for radio in more ways than one
  12. sex can only "Lift" you for about 2 minutes, sorry I had to
  13. be glad your a girl in the aspect that girls wear make up. Thats how it is for guys all the time, nothing to cover it up, haha
  14. if you were a hermaphrodite? haha jk, thats so wrong
  15. I think most people that are your friends really are trying to help. LIke I visited a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and my acne had kinda started and I said something about how it kinda sucks to have zits and he said well let me show you this thing I use on mine it makes them go away really good, and he didn't have "acne" just maybe an occasional pimple, but it was some lotion stuff but I just kinda went along with him and listened, I think it is just very different if you've never had it
  16. I'm a guy (teenage guy at that) and I would rather have love for the rest of my life. (if anybody makes some puberty comments I swear , I'm fully through that whole process lol ) Sexual desire I believe is to make us attracted to the opposite sex in order to have "love." I would much rather have somebody by my side all my life that cared about me and me her than just some sex slave who made life horrible in between...I guess that proves some of you wrong, not all guys just want sex, although
  17. It's funny that I never even noticed "lighting" before i had acne. It was all the same, sunny mirror near a window, non flourescent bathroom mirror, and flourescent at school bathroom. THey were all totally the same to me. But now, the difference is so outstanding its crazy! Also this is a little off topic but don't people who are autistic not respond well to flourescent lights? I'm pretty sure this is correct because I had an autistic kid in my grade and he moved to a special school and the
  18. As long as it is used as a system, the csr gel will work with results that sometimes surpass the ever popular proactiv system. If people are willing to do the system right then they will see good results if they have mild-moderate acne. I encourage you to stock it.
  19. ah crap, i was thinking they were 8 oz. bottles. they are 4, so i only use 1 0z a week, again my bad.
  20. oh, ok, well maybe not everyone, my bad.
  21. why not just switch back to the old formula? That's what everyone wants. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
  22. if you only go through 2 oz per week then thats not bad. I go through about 3-4, I would suggest buying 2 or three at a time to save money on shipping.