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  1. I took mino for a 2/3 months and it never did anything for me at all. Even if it had I'm not sure I would've wanted to be chained to a drug for years.

    And if you research up on antibiotics, most of the time they begin to lose their effect after a few months as the bacteria become resistant. That means your dosage is raised. And raised again. And then you are givin' a more powerful drug. Don't know 'bout you, but not this boy!

    For a really interesting idea about coming "off the drugs" for good visit the thread in holistic forums "A New Light".

    Actually, most of the time dermatologists will put you on a different antibiotic that is in a different family...I've yet to have my dosage raised...

  2. Alright I will update you now....

    I am currently still doing the regimen along with taking my oral antibiotic(its nothing new, I've been on antibiotics for forever, but they don't do the trick by themselves so I have to have some topicals...I am using eucerin as a moisturizer as nothing else gets rid of the peeling around my mouth (I tried Cetaphil SPF 15, and Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion with glycolic acid and spf 15, neither one seemed to do the trick.....I tried jojoba oil with the cetaphil a long time ago but it was either too oily or it made me flaky too, I can't remember...). I ordered Dan's moisturizer yesterday and will probably try to use it when my eucerin runs out and if it doesn't work then I'm not real sure what I will do...I'm also worried about the fact that it does not have a sunscreen but I guess I will have to do with out or buy a separate sunscreen...I have stayed pretty clear aside from the redmarks and the occasional breakouts...the regimen is working well enough that I really want to be able to continue doing it so hopefully Dan's moisturizer will work..I will try and let you know if it does or not.

  3. I used witch hazel a long long time ago before I entered the crazy world of acne topicals....my acne was just starting to get "noticeable" and I tried it for a little while...it didn't clear anything up but it seems like I remember it feeling really good on my face....but I was not using anything other than witch hazel...if it was combined with benzoyl peroxide then I could see it being a problem...either as an irritant or by making you break out...I would suggest trying the regimen by itself like the person said above, that way you can truly see if it works for you

  4. I hate how people always sue over dumb stuff/misunderstandings....I'm worried about this at the moment........I don't like most stereotypes either but sometimes I definately find myself really wanting to be more "Manly" haha...I also don't like how if you don't go out every weekend night and get drunk then you are a loser...I honestly would rather go to a movie or bowling than go to a party full of totally drunk people...its just not me

  5. I used Duac but I didn't like it...it has 5% plus an antibiotic but it irritated, but maybe just because I didn't use a moisturizer and I also used a bp cleanser.....The only way a prescription bp topical could be better than BP Gel is if it was to have something else (such as an antibiotic like duac)...Otherwise I think BP Gel is best because it is low % (2.5) and doesn't irritate and is cheap

  6. I've used it off and on for the past 2 years (because some derms put me on different topicals because they thought I needed a prescription, which wasn't true)...It is a very good product....but you have to moisturize....it isn't like proactiv's lotion where you just put a little on and it moisturizes too....The bp gel is just bp, no moisturizer...but yeah IMO it is the best topical acne product on the market for me anyways

  7. I blot my face tons of times a day with a towel (if I'm home) or bathroom paper towels (the brown ones work best).....but they are never damp.....I've also heard good things about oil blotting sheets

  8. those people had severe acne and BP does not make severe acne disapear.

    Dan never made this claim. He stated that the Regimen would do wonders for mild to moderate acne, but would suggest other methods for severe cases.

    From the main site, Acne explained -> Types of acne

    There are many variations of acne, ranging in severity from mild to severely disfiguring. The Regimen works well to combat moderate to light acne. Severe acne may require more aggressive treatment. Visit the Types of acne message boards to seek further help from other members.

    You lose.

  9. Thanks guys. And those girls are quite tall i guess, both cheating with heals i suspect. At least im taller than one of them!

    to be honest there is no urgent problem, im still young and growing anyway, just id like to fill out a bit more. Ill start eating some of these nuts and things then, see if it makes a difference, the cost of munching on fruits all day is huge though!

    what do you guys think about products like Quorn?

  10. If I'm correct Accutane is Fat soluble, just like vitamin A.....which would mean that eating semi-fatty foods (such as maybe a burger, lasagna, etc., just not too bad for you) would be kind of beneficial for the ACCUtane to absorb...which is why you are supposed to take it with the biggest meal of the day....so don't worry so much about it...just be glad your able to go on Accutane,....my parents still refuse

  11. Ok just got some of my stuff in from acne.org, however my stuff from drugstore.com (cetphil moisturizer/jojoba oil) won't be in til tomorrow. However I think I am going to start off using eucerin moisturizer I thankfully saved after quitting the regimen a while back, and it is still not past the expiration date( I have about 2 full bottles). I used the cleanser in the shower tonight and it felt fine. I waited 15 minutes to apply bp and I used about a half finger. It felt GREAT on my face, very very smooth and absolutely NO IRRITATION. I then waited five minutes to put on my moisturizer and it kind of stang pretty badly, but I'm about 99% positive that is just how it is while your skin adjusts to the aha in the moisturizer(lactic acid).. I'm pretty sure I went through this last time. I don't seem to be flaking anymore than usual so we'll see how it goes in the future. I will continue to update this even though i doubt anybody's reading except for you, haha. Pray for me, Tyler

  12. Ok so its been about a year and a half since my last post. Well I eventually got off of the regimen because a derm told me that differin was much better than bp, without question. He was wrong. I now have a new dermatologist. When Eucerin was discontinued I started using proactiv(last summer I started), and then I went to my new dermatologist for the first time. He is a lot older and more experienced, but kind of traditional. He still let me use the proactiv during the day and told me to put ovace (sulfur) on at night. I eventually started adding retin a with the ovace every other night, and proactiv bp during the day and on every other night with the ovace(when I didn't put retin a on). I'm currently taking an antibiotic and have been since last summer. It is called doryx, and works really good for the most part(it is very hard for your body to get immune to it, it seems). I am currently just using proactiv with the antibiotic, morning and night. However I seem to be kind of breaking out a little bit and I think it is because I can't use enough proactiv bp (its expensive) and the toner kind of breaks so I think I will try and go back on the regimen, as jojoba oil supposedly takes care of flakiness and helps with oil control. The Regimen really worked well for me when I used it and when I got off of it my face went crazy(most depressing time of my life). I think my regimen will look something like this once I get started(I have to order the supplies first).

    1.Wash with Dan's Cleanser(never tried it, assuming its good)

    2. Wait 10 minutes or so and apply Dan's bp to entire face

    3. Wait another 10 minutes or so and apply cetaphil spf15 moisturizer with 3 drops of jojoba oil(apparently this works good, never tried it, but I will update you on how it works).

    I will do this morning and night. If anybody has used jojoba oil then would you please comment on how it worked for you? Did it make you oily? Break you out? Take care of all your peeling? Fill me in, Tyler

    Oh yeah, and my new derm has me take 3 (8000 I.U.) Vitamin A capsules and a zinc pill after my big meal(supper). I do this for 3 months and then take 1 month off. In other words, if I were to start on May 1 taking vitamin a and zinc I would go through August 1, and I would not take anything until September 1, at that point I start the process over. 3 months on, 1 month off, very simple. Been doing this since around June or July of last summer :)

  13. I've started noticing lately that the second child of a married couple tends to have worse acne than the first. It's not the case everytime, but its weird remembering someone's older brother and looking at his younger brother...the older one NEVER had a pimple while the younger one is covered....I've only noticed this in guys by the way...Anybody think this could be true?

    Also, neither one of my parents has ever had any problem with acne whatsoever, however mine is absolutely terrible. I got off my antibiotic last summer and all creams and it was literally one of the most depressing times of my life going back to school(people would ask me questions, like "what happened", kinda like it was my fault haha.). My sister had acne though and still has it she's around 23. I also think girls tend to have it worse in the adult stages of life, I have rarely seen a male adult who had acne(besides college dudes in their 20's)

  14. I was directed by my dermatologist (old, in his late 70's to 80's, but very good) to take 3 vitamin A capsules right after supper every night for 3 months, then take a month off, and repeat the 3 month cycle. I've done this since July I think and I think it does help for helping acne(not positive though, I'm on an antibiotic too, although I've been on several the past 2-3 years so this isn't my first time). I also started taking a zinc pill with it last cycle, but I'm not sure if this is healthy, I plan to ask him next time I go so I don't kill myself haha. But I still have some redmarks and I was on Retin-A as well so I don't know.