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  1. allmorg42

    My Pics 170.jpg

    those just look like redmarks that will go away....thats just my thinking though
  2. allmorg42


    Do you have any before pics?? Did you really have bad scars or just light ones? PM me please
  3. pretty pic....hope accutane worked for you

    1. allmorg42


      Pics are from a few years back
    2. allmorg42

      very odd photo

      From the album: Me

      This was when I was on the regimen, about a year and a half ago, my skin was really really clear....It was during homecoming just so you know, I'm not gay or anything like that but its the only picture I got from that time period....
    3. allmorg42

      ONE YEAR Right

      holy piss, that is awesome. I'm very happy for you. Could you pm me and tell me whether you play sports and what (if any) complications were with these sports and side effects of accutane you incurred. Thanks, Tyler
    4. allmorg42


      ^^^so do you you!!!!!!
    5. allmorg42


      we bought this house five years ago. To this day we still have absolutely no idea what those do.
    6. From the album: Me

      I took this about 10 minutes ago with a 20 dollar digital. Sorry it is so pixelated. The same goes for the other pics.
    7. allmorg42


      EVERYBODY SIMMA DOWN btw svet, whats wrong with being in high school? come on, we may be a little young, but we are not behind the times. And whats the difference between college and high school anyways? Both get drunk and have parties every weekend, so its pretty much all the same. Peace, Tyler
    8. allmorg42


      at least you blow me kisses in EVERY picture you have posted. just kidding again
    9. lay off the steroids if you have acne. they cause breakouts really bad, seriously. they screw up your body.
    10. allmorg42


      your hot, im 15 interested? just kidding, your skin looks great