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  1. I'm still gonna use the moisturizer as long as it works haha
  2. Actually, most of the time dermatologists will put you on a different antibiotic that is in a different family...I've yet to have my dosage raised...
  3. Alright I will update you now.... I am currently still doing the regimen along with taking my oral antibiotic(its nothing new, I've been on antibiotics for forever, but they don't do the trick by themselves so I have to have some topicals...I am using eucerin as a moisturizer as nothing else gets rid of the peeling around my mouth (I tried Cetaphil SPF 15, and Neutrogena healthy skin face lotion with glycolic acid and spf 15, neither one seemed to do the trick.....I tried jojoba oil with the
  4. Do you have insurance? I'm pretty sure it is a good possibility that they will pay for most of it if you do
  5. I used witch hazel a long long time ago before I entered the crazy world of acne topicals....my acne was just starting to get "noticeable" and I tried it for a little while...it didn't clear anything up but it seems like I remember it feeling really good on my face....but I was not using anything other than witch hazel...if it was combined with benzoyl peroxide then I could see it being a problem...either as an irritant or by making you break out...I would suggest trying the regimen by itself li
  6. his/her point was that not many of us worry about those things, although there are exceptions...you missed the point obviously
  7. I hate how people always sue over dumb stuff/misunderstandings....I'm worried about this at the moment........I don't like most stereotypes either but sometimes I definately find myself really wanting to be more "Manly" haha...I also don't like how if you don't go out every weekend night and get drunk then you are a loser...I honestly would rather go to a movie or bowling than go to a party full of totally drunk people...its just not me
  8. I used Duac but I didn't like it...it has 5% plus an antibiotic but it irritated, but maybe just because I didn't use a moisturizer and I also used a bp cleanser.....The only way a prescription bp topical could be better than BP Gel is if it was to have something else (such as an antibiotic like duac)...Otherwise I think BP Gel is best because it is low % (2.5) and doesn't irritate and is cheap
  9. I've used it off and on for the past 2 years (because some derms put me on different topicals because they thought I needed a prescription, which wasn't true)...It is a very good product....but you have to moisturize....it isn't like proactiv's lotion where you just put a little on and it moisturizes too....The bp gel is just bp, no moisturizer...but yeah IMO it is the best topical acne product on the market for me anyways
  10. I wash in the morning at the sink, wait 5-6 minutes and apply bp, after applying bp I wait 5-6 minutes and apply moisturizer with spf.....You are going to need spf if you are in the sun because Benzoyl peroxide WILL increase your sensitivity to the sun....
  11. I blot my face tons of times a day with a towel (if I'm home) or bathroom paper towels (the brown ones work best).....but they are never damp.....I've also heard good things about oil blotting sheets
  12. Dan never made this claim. He stated that the Regimen would do wonders for mild to moderate acne, but would suggest other methods for severe cases. You lose.
  13. If I'm correct Accutane is Fat soluble, just like vitamin A.....which would mean that eating semi-fatty foods (such as maybe a burger, lasagna, etc., just not too bad for you) would be kind of beneficial for the ACCUtane to absorb...which is why you are supposed to take it with the biggest meal of the day....so don't worry so much about it...just be glad your able to go on Accutane,....my parents still refuse
  14. pretty pic....hope accutane worked for you