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  1. Hi i'm an 18 year old asian male with little acne on my face, but there are a few brown spots on my face i'd like to hide when i'm at school/parties etc. What would you guys recommend me to hide it with? I'm thinking about getting the Dermablend acne results or the coverblend concealing treatment makeup, are these good choices to hide brown spots? Thanks!
  2. I'm worried because i don't want the acne to come back. Is 4 months effective for keeping the acne away even after you've finished the cycle? Is Dove soap for sensitive skin ok? Thanks!
  3. 1. Can i use a tropical cream like retin-a at night while on accutane? What about Alpha Hydrox 10% glycolic acid? 2. The doctor prescribed me accutane for only 4 months at 40mg the first, then 80 mg the last 3....i read around the forum and found that most people were prescribed 6 months. Is 4 months going to be effective? 3. I also read that milk thistle will help protect the liver. If i take it, will it counter-affect the accutane in any way? 4. Should i use a cleanser while on accutane, or ju
  4. Ok...thanks. Also, do you know if you're suppose to apply the hydroquinone on your entire face, or just the areas that have the red/brown marks? Thanks.
  5. Hi, i was wondering what is hydroquinone? Is that an exfoliator? The reason is i apply retin-a at night, and want to start applying hydroquinone in the daytime to fade away my brown marks, but don't wanna do it if it's an exfoliator since i'm afraid im going to exfoliate my face too much. Thanks.