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  1. Hi, This "flat rate" package for shipping - how do I choose it, and does it work for european shipping? I only get the usual options when I place my order, USP worldclass mail First Class mail Express mail Priority mail Thanks in advance
  2. Hej, jeg har ca det samme problem som dig. Jeg stoppede dog med DKR for ½ år siden efter at have brugt den i 1 år. DKR virkede godt til at begrænse meget af det jeg havde til at starte med, men efterrhånden kunne den ikke gøre mere. Efter jeg stoppede er det hverken blevet værre eller bedre. Huden virker dog lidt mere behagelig da den ikke konstant bombarderes.. Mit problem område er stadig det samme som efter 1 år med DKR, nemlig på højre og venstre siden mellem hagen og munden. I stedet for
  3. So what excactly is your point? "Don't think things will be better if you clear up"?
  4. sorry...disagree with you completely. he does test you. i think after the last past 5 or so years i should know this. and it doesn't just include acne. i'm not confusing any characteristics...it's just how i feel. sorry...disagree with you completely. aliens visiting earth do exist. i think after the last past 5 or so years i should know this. and it doesn't just include alien abductions. i'm not confusing any characteristics...it's just how i feel. This is a thread asking fo
  5. I know how unconfortable it is, but we just have to focus on the fact, that drifting eyes are a natural part of a conversation. I tried to watch people's eyes when they converse with other people, and for nearly everyone, eyes are wandering during a conversation. Most of the time it actually expresses the "watcher's" insecurity rather than than something unusual about a person's appearance. Many people are very uncomfortable with looking someone directly in the eye, so their eyes flicker. I kno
  6. I've known a girl for quite some time from the internet, and although we've been talking kind of on/off I think we have some kind of connection. She has recently been inviting me to visit her and so on. I really want to, but I'm afraid I can't. I have send some pictures etc. which did generate a subtle remark on my skin, but I'm simply afraid I will fail her excpectations and ruin the friendship we have. I know most people will say it is silly and so on, but I can't get past this. Just the thoug
  7. I keep getting these tiny bumps on the chin, and at the areas around the mouth, that will eventually become inflammated and grow in size. At first they are nothing but a tiny bump. I'm not quite sure what kind it is. I've had acne for some 3 years, but not really this kind. Does anyone know what I'm dealing with?
  8. Absolutely. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful.
  9. I just want to notify users of this regimen, that psyllium capsules should only be taken during a longer period in cooperation with your doctor. I read it from a Danish med-site, so there's no use in posting a link So just be a little careful
  10. Jeg har nok sammenlagt fået 4-5 pakker, og har betalt told på 1. Det var så til gengæld oogså en stor fed regning. De dumme svin
  11. Hi, I've had moderate/severe (I think) acne for about 3 years now, but due to different sorts of treatments it has been brought down a little the past time. HOWEVER, i seem to constantly get spots at the corner of the mouth, and above the moustache area, next to the nose. Whenever one is disappearing, another one starts showing. I always wash that area with water after shaving, and i'm not drooling or anything ( ), so i simply don't understand why this is. It hasn't always been like that, i