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  1. i am soon going for what my derm called a "light peel" to help get rid of my old red marks. i did some research and am guessing he is going to give me an AHA peel. I was just wondering what to expect. Will i need multiple treatments to get rid of the marks? and what should i expect after the peel is completed? any feedback would be appreciated. thanks...
  2. my derm said he is going to give me a peel to get rid of my red marks. i have a pretty good amount of them on my forehead, cheeks, and around my mouth. can someone please inform my on what is going to happen when i get it? i am kind of nervous i dont know what it is going to do to my face. will i need to get a couple of them done or is one enough to get rid of marks? what will exactly happen to my face...redness/peeling? any info would be appreciated. thanks.
  3. thanks a lot for your responses. i havent used my tazorac the past 3 days and my skin is beginning to heal. BTW i am using the gel. i am going to start using it again tonight, but very little of it and work my way from there. thanks.
  4. my derm told me to use it every night and then wash it off in the morning. so i guess its on my face for a good long time which is prob. causing the irritation. i think im gonna stop using it for 2-3 days and then continue using it maybe every other night. I gotta talk to my derm first though to see if its okay to do that. i just cant deal with this skin right now..it hurts. thanks for your reply
  5. i started Tazorac about 3 weeks ago and it was going really good. Now my face is so red and irritated. Its peeling all around my mouth and some on my cheeks. I even got a prescription lotion from my derm. and i dont know if its helping. I think im going to stop using the Tazorac for a few days and double up on my lotion. Is this alright or do you think i am going to break out from not using Tazorac? I guess i can take a few pimples over this dry red face. If anybody has anymore tips for me to st
  6. ok i apply my bp at night and then in the morning all i do is wash my face.i dont apply any bp. is this bad? am i washing off the bp or has it had time to sink into my pores and do its job. thanks
  7. what about going to a tanning place? instead of jus laying in your backyard or something. is it the same diff?
  8. ok, i was thinking recently that i should go tanning to cover my red marks. i have a lot of them and i feel pretty unhappy. i know the tan will only be temporarily, but do you think this is a good idea? thanks
  9. has anyone used this or heard about it? im debating on whether or not to order it. it says it can clear up red marks in like a month...it would prob take longer but i just wanna know if it will work at all. thanks....
  10. hello. does anyone know if the tinted on the spot still cover marks even during sweat? i dont know if it will get runny or something. thanks.
  11. hello. does anyone know if the tinted on the spot still cover marks even during sweat? i dont know if it will get runny or something. thanks.
  12. ok so no concentrate...didnt think so. i jus went out and bought 12 lemons...*crosses fingers* ...i hope it makes some sorta improvement on my red spots. a quick question....what if i do more than one lemon...say like 2 a day...one lemon in the morning and one at night? ...is that okay? matt202..just do what i did get some real lemons. from what i read they work better than lemon juice bought in stores. and it aint too bad as long as you dilute it enough...like 20oz of water with one lemon t
  13. if the lemon juice says "from concentrate" ...thats no good right?
  14. i play travel hockey so i havta wear a helmet like 6 times a week. you are most likely goin to get some pimples. just wash good when you are done and wash your helmet if you can. just use soap and warm water. i used to not do anything with my helmet and then my mom suggested cleaning it and it helped tremendously. i used alcohol whips but water and soap would work to....good luck.
  15. i have red spots that i want to cover up but i am starting hockey soon which would cause me to sweat. is there anything i can put on the red marks that would cover them or at least reduce them and still be okay for when i sweat? thanks....