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  1. im thinking about purchasing whey protein drinks and im wondering if it will cause any acne for me.
  2. like, retin-a/benzamycin or BP/tazorac? I have a few large pimples and some small bumps, what topical ance combo would help out? i dont wanna go on tane or antibiotics becuase ive already gone that route and ive had some bad side effects.
  3. I hate using the wash because it kinda dris my face out alittle. I like using my cream because i can apply it on the problem areas rather than all around my face. My question is, Which is more effective at fighting acne? or are they both the same thing?
  4. which prescription topical medication should i ask my doctor about that can deal with these small bumps around my forehead and cheek areas (along with whiteheads)? I dont have any large cysts, just annoying small bumps (rosacea maybe?) and whiteheads. The reason i ask for only topicals is because i was once on minocycline and suffered one of its serious side effects, which was a gastrointestinal inflammation. So, anyone have any suggestions?
  5. can i use clindamycin phosphate gel after washing with a 5% BP cleanser? or do they not mesh well together?
  6. what about reducing the amount of application every night? maybe a smaller pea size will help the peeling go down while my skin gets used to the retin -a?
  7. has anyone gone through peeling with Retin-A during the first week? im going through that right now. some moderate peeling, and my face feels alittle sticky. i hope it goes away quick! fall semester is about to start
  8. Does Retin-a help reduce oil production from the skin? since isotretinoin(active ingredient in retin-a) can be found in accutane (accutane is known to reduce oil containing tretinoin). Oh, and whats the difference between isotretinoin and tretinoin?
  9. August 03 Just woke up and took my minocyclin. noticed my skin had a few shiteheads popping up along my lower jaw and sides, but nothing too bad. I'll edit this later on tonight when i finish my day.
  10. which suncreen would you recommend? i'm planning on heading to the store to purchase some
  11. im on 100mg, i take two a day. so 200mg per day to be more descriptive. i'm also using topical medication too. I actually just srarted yesterday so i hope all goes well
  12. August 02 Just got back from the doctor. precription: Minocyclin 100mg twice a day Clindamycin topical cream once a morning Retina-A once a night Today i'll be skipping one intake of the two minocylin intakes since it's already 11:30 and i had just eaten. right now my skin is really oily with small bumps along my forehead and cheeks. Will edit later on in the day as i forego this treatment edit**** at 5 pm exact, i took my minocycline. felt alittle dizzy about a half hour into it, but it gr
  13. just came back from the doctor. She told me about my oily skin and my comedones(small bumps along my forehead and cheeks) and perscribed me Minocyclin, clindamycin, and retin-a. I hope this works out for me, but i'd like to know if anyone else has tried this treatment and saw some success.