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  1. there is nothing wrong with your skin.
  2. I LIVE IN HOLLYWOOD......................BUT LIKE HIM/HER IM TOO AFRAID TO SHOW MY FACE Maybe we can all wear masks to the meeting.
  3. Steve how were your scars to begin with before all these treatments? Thx, Buck
  4. That's good advice. You sound like a super sexy and intelligent girl. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you. Is that you in your avatar? I'm a handsome guy but not stunning, just a little less attractive than that.
  5. I'm not sure what the point of all that was but it was a mildly interesting read. You have been through a lot, nothin different than a lot of guys your age, but at least you've become (hopefully) a little wiser from your experiences.
  6. BackNuts are you in Los Angeles? I live in Mission Viejo, not too far from LA. Let me know if you get something organized.
  7. Hi Dan, It seems like moderators close threads and delete posts for no reason. Just think a select few of them are either abusing their powers or have poor judgement. I started a thread in the link below and a mod closed it right away for some reason. I need some emotional support for my acne scars and felt that there should be a another forum maybe. The thread wasn't even moved to another section or anything. Just plain closed! Anyways, just venting to the creator. I really do enjoy the
  8. And tell me the reason why it was closed? That's not really helping or being in the supportive spirit.
  9. yah good idea sanjoseskin I remember they had a Support group forum.... I wonder what happened to that ? Mods?
  10. I come here and I just don't think most people here understand the toll it takes emotionally for people who have acne scars. Acne is temporary and it will go away. I had really bad cystic acne when I was younger, but it's gone except I have all these horrible scars. I've been treating my acne scars for a long time and don't know if they will ever go away. I wish there were a forum for people who get depressed because of scars not just acne. I do sympathize with the acne people having gone t
  11. anotha thread on fraxel? costs anywhere from 2-6 K for 4 full face treatments depending on the doc. cheaper for spot treatments.
  12. Sorry you feel so bad. That's a lot of treatments for little result.
  13. I haven't been there myself but I've read good things about Frank at Transitions.
  14. I don't mind to sound patronizing mz, but maybe you should consider some counseling. Your scarring is very minor, and I wonder if something is not right with your mind. Again, I don't mean to say that in a malicious or condescending way. Just a suggestion.
  15. Haha today, I'm depressed every day during some part of the day. the future just looks bleak (as well as the present). But at least there are others who feel the same so I appreciate your thread