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  1. I'm using it in conjunction with Tea tree oil. I am getting large bumps on occasion, but I can't tell if it's the oil or the fact that I'm alternating using a mud mask and glycolic acid and perhaps purging my pores. I like the oil. It makes my skin glow and it's helping with the wrinkles I get from BP.
  2. I've been having this problem with my back since the beginning of the year....right after I used Nexxus Aloe Rid and Matrix Maxx Moisture on my hair. I only use organic shampoo and soap now, but the cysts are still there almost 6 months later. They started out as fairly large painful, itchy bumps filled with clear liquid instead of the usual whiteheads. A few will clear up only to make room for more new ones! I'm at my wits end:( I've never had more than a few small ones on my back, so this
  3. Are you male or female? Female What is your age? 26 Did your acne start when you were a teenager or adult? I guess it started at puberty (12), though I didn't get my . until two years later. Have you used anything that has worked to cure your acne only for it to return? My acne has always been mild to moderate. Pretty easily covered up with meticulous makeup. At 16, I went on Ortho Tri Cyclen, half the month my skin would be amazingly clear, the other half it would be breaking out or cle
  4. Same here. I am more likely to get a new bump when I skip.
  5. The Hand Cream works splendidly without the oil. I've already been flamed for recommending it once because it's hand cream, but I had moderate acne for over 10 years and putting that on MY face and neck does not break it out. Can't promise it will be the same for everyone. It's just the thickest cream I've ever come across and I thought it might help.
  6. Thank you for that. Now maybe I can find out which ingredient in shampoo to stay away from.
  7. I've been using jojoba for less than a week. I apply it right after I wash my face, so that it's still damp. My skin is positively glowing, my wrinkles are toned down, and I haven't had any breakouts.....yet. I still use BP with it though. I apply it after.
  8. I can't find those brushes at Walmart anymore, so I bought their soft round facial pad. It's about the size of a makeup compact.
  9. Mm-hmmm. I thank god for certain lights that give me the illusion that it's not that bad, then I catch myself reflected in the car window and Dammit Man! I had some professional photos done recently and I could see my many small scars very clearly in some. Utterly depressing yes, but for me, it could always be worse.
  10. BP bleaches the hell out of my clothes and I've noticed a few barely noticeable light streaks along my hairline. My black eyebrows are fine though. I use a BP facewash, and even after rinsing it off completely, the towel I use to dry off gets bleached. Uggh, oh well, I'm still gonna use it.
  11. I just started using 100% Jojoba Oil (expensive:p). So far it has helped with my skin's tendency to overproduce oil, and I haven't had a breakout since I started, though I apply BP directly after. I'm on a natural product kick right now after a severe chemical burn I got from either a Nexxus or Matrix hair product. I've given up everything but my BP and SA......I'm too scared to go without.
  12. My experience was almost the same as veresk flower. I started using ProActiv back in 1999. It did not work at first, but I realized that I wasn't getting the full effect unless I removed my makeup thoroughly before using the Proactiv. My face looked better for two years, but it most certainly was not completely clear. After two years of being happy with it, it all of a sudden stopped working. My skin looked horrible and I finally gave it up in a few months time. I was at my wit's end when I
  13. There is too much money to be made off of us. If someone found a real cure (if that's even possible), the major companies would buy them out. Same thing for autos that don't run on gas. We don't see them, because major companies buy all the rights.