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  1. really? ah nice one, i see ur in london so i should be able to get hold of it, ill google it cause seriously something needs to change, its been well over 2 years now and its not even eased up it constantly affects my life, doing my head in !!!
  2. its not everything, looks seem important when your young but the older u get the less important they are, your life in terms of happyness isnt always down to looks, chin up old boy !!!
  3. person24

    Accutane made me crazy

    i cant be bothered to go and see the doctor because i know they wont be able to help.
  4. person24


    trust me ur not, im 2 and a half years psot accutane and my lips r screwed
  5. ok ill research that and see what it is, last night i was reading one of your topics, i think it was u anyway, u regret going on accutane dont u?
  6. ok, i finished taking roaccutane 2 1/2 years ago and not had a single spot since, i actually cant really remember what its like to have acne at all!!! its been ages, but i wouldnt be back on this site if i didnt need help. cause i do badly. im still left with roaccutane side affects wich play a very large part in my life still, they arent something i cant ignore. dry lips may not sound like a big deal but trust me its awfull, my lips peel and it never stops i half to re apply lip moisturiser eve
  7. person24

    Accutane made me crazy

    hey lorri, i was near bristol last nite!!! anyway, ive not come on this site it literally years but i need to sort out my post roaccutane problems cause its doing my head in, i STILL have constant dry lips but i think ive been affected mentally aswell, ie being constantly depressed and developed this wiered chewing of my jaw ever since accutane, that sounds wiered cause i cant explain it very well but its constant and its really affecting my life badly, regret going on roaccutane big time, p.s g
  8. ok its been about 1 1/2 yrs after i finished roaccutane, good news is i havent have a single breakout since, not one, its wiered its like ive forgotten about having acne but.......... my lips are hell, they look fine but i cant be anywhere without lip moisturiser, i need it every few hours or its dry agony, i dunno what to do, its horrible, maybe i should go cold turkey and just not use moisturiser for like a week n see what happens, dunno if i cud but.. your advice please god bless u all
  9. person24

    Finished Accutane

    i wouldnt have bothered on any other forum but having acne stretched the limits of what i could take more than anything else ive ever had to go through and ive had a few shitty things happen to me, but yeah i hope this helps, to answer ur questions (seems so long ago now even tho its just 6months) i never had much of a problem with the redness anyway so im not one to comment on that, i did at first but it went away, i dunno if u read this thread from the beginning and to be honest i cant reme
  10. person24

    Finished Accutane

    ok ive not been on this forum in soooooooooooo long but i was thinking earlier how helpful it was when i started accutane the topics of people who went on it but most people clear up then dont bother coming back so u lot only hear the stories of the flailures not the succes stories, well i am a success story, acne was such a HUGE part of my life but now i never think about it, since i started this topic (check the start date i forget !!! ) i havent had a single case of acne,nothing literally, an
  11. person24

    Finished Accutane

    just thought id let u know im still 100% clear, still re-building my social life tho, but at least im clear
  12. person24

    Finished Accutane

    what do u class as bad situations, ive discovered that when i have caffine it triggers them and i did some research and it seems there is a link, i think the rush of energy triggers them, im a bit embarassed to go to the doctor he mite think im a hypercondriac cause i asked him for anti depressants before acne, then accutane, now thiss.....
  13. person24

    Finished Accutane

    nation health service
  14. person24

    Finished Accutane

    fuck it i cant be arsed to do this topic anymore i dont think people really care