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  1. for starts, i'm not being "milked" as a chronic acne patient. if this were the case i would have been set up with a useless topical to probably break me out even more and appointment for "next week". and second, i think everyone forgets how harmful accutane can be. it's pure hell on your liver, and my side effects were moderately severe. the accutane had done it's job two months before i even saw this doctor and i really don't know whether staying on would have changed alot, who knows. but
  2. well i think it's a little unrealistic to never get pimples again. the way my new doctor explained it was that my face was acne free and that keeping me on accutane for another month wasn't really going to change much. She figured acne would come back in maybe six months, but at that point it would be much more manageable by a topical or something of that nature. i suppose it makes sense. anyways, now i just want to rid myself of these red marks and start over fresh. after browsing these fo
  3. so i started accutane late last june. all was going pretty well and i was acne free by the second month or so. all i had was some lingering redness and some scarring from old breakouts. i grew up in southern california, but i go to school in northern california at uc davis(i don't know if anyone here is familiar with the school). anyways, i knew i was going to need to refill my presecription and probably see a doctor for my blood tests and stuff. since uc davis medical center is one of the
  4. the steaming is probably making the hyperpigmentation alot worse. to make my face look alot less red, i try and avoid getting my face hot. sometimes i'll even ice it. as far as acne at school goes, i'm in a similar situation. i have acne and i'm in college. you have to understand that in a college environment people are much more educated and not nearly as judgemental over acne. this has definitely been my experience. i see guys and girls with acne all over the place and honestly people j
  5. i definitely experienced a breakout in places i wasn't typically getting acne. what is essentially happening is any pimple that was to ever be is being pushed to the surface. so this includes all of the random ones in places you may not have always broken out in. my chin hasn't been a problem area for me for at least two years, and i remember getting two pimples there on accutane. the most important thing is to not irritate them. your skin does not heal as well on accutane, so popping is no
  6. do you use a testosterone cream at all with your body building? if your son is being exposed to that from maybe getting a piggy back ride or just laying on you or something it could be what is causing his acne. i actually heard about a case like this once before. i'd also recommend him see a dermatologist if it isn't related to any sort of testosterone cream.
  7. i would think that since it's 2 x 20 that you'd take it once in the morning and once in the evening. because they make 40 mg capsules and if your doctor wanted you to take both at the same time he would have just prescribed the 40. doesn't that make sense?
  8. i worked at a summer day camp, and dealt with this stuff every day. it actually bothered me so much that i am honestly more aprehensive around young children than i am around teens and adults. i know that adults(most at least) understand what acne is and why it's there, but kids usually don't, which scared me. alot of times i'd think my face was looking better just for some little innocent kid to say, "hey what's all over your face?" damnit. anyways, my best response was probably that it w
  9. best pump up song of all time? obviously, the final countdown by europe.
  10. time my friend, time. give it another week and you'll probably see some dramatic differences.
  11. if you really need an excuse say that it's a face medicine for a red spot you had. i'd believe it, and if she's a dumbshit, she'll believe it too.
  12. 1. male, 5'8, 135 lbs, 19 years old 2. some acne starting at about 15 years old and then moderate nodular acne in my first year of college when i was 18. 3. very little active acne at the moment. 4. went first 2 months on 40 mg, and now i'm on 60. i'm half way through and i hope i don't need a second course *knock on wood*
  13. well i figure the outside of the capsule must be sugar based, and i agree, it is a dumb question, but you really do gotta wonder...
  14. let's start an anti-mirror coalition. i call president!