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  1. Hi. I realize I haven't been on here in ages so I thought I would update. It's been over a year now since I started and it's still working amazingly. I'm just washing with baking soda and following with the rose-hip seed oil as a moisturizer (I wonder if that other person was right about the rose-hip seed oil balancing the ph? Maybe so. All I know is that my skin is clear AND looks calm and pretty). I have stuck with this simple routine for a year and it's changed my life after 14-15 years
  2. It's been so long since I started that I don't remember the details of the beginning. All I know for sure is that my skin just seemed to get better each month. I think it was 2 months before there was significant improvement even though I saw results right away. I really hope this helps you, but if not, I hope you find something that works for you. I know that dealing with acne is very difficult in many different ways.
  3. My skin is sensitive, but it only gets dry around my mouth and chin sometimes. My skin is VERY sensitive. It did not used to be, but ever since I was on Retin-A and other drugs, it seems like I've had tons of allergic reactions and rashes. Obviously my skin reacted fine with baking soda, but I can't speak for everyone, since everyone's skin is different. One of the reasons I actually switched to baking soda was b/c I was sick of allergic reactions to everything I used and wanted to use somet
  4. Does baking soda lighten skin? I don't know if it does or not. I haven't experienced any skin lightening, though, and I've been doing this for many months now.
  5. If you wear a lot of makeup, I'd probably use the makeup removal wipe or a gentle cleanser first. My sister says baking soda works well to remove her makeup though. I don't wear a lot of makeup. If you have time where you can go a few weeks without wearing makeup while you're trying to clear up with baking soda, it might be beneficial. However, my sister wears a lot of makeup and she never stopped wearing it on this method.
  6. We sort of started to discuss this a page or so ago, but I don't think anyone followed up on it. I am wondering about this too. Someone said our skin is acidic - so does that perhaps automatically bring things into a ph balance when using baking soda (which is a base, right?)? In all these months, I haven't had any adverse reactions to this method, but what if I do in the long run? Anyway, do you think it affects the ph of your skin even when you rinse it right off immediately? Or does it h
  7. I'm interested to know how this is helping anyone. Let me know how long you've been using it and what your results have been. I'm really hoping this method will help many people the way it has helped me. I was beyond hopeless when I stumbled across this. It has been an answer to many prayers.
  8. I usually use this twice a day. Occasionally I will do it 3 times a day (like when I've been out at the stable with my horse or been working outside on my yard, sweating - I will wash my face when I get back in).
  9. I am pretty much a vegetarian, but I do eat a little meat occasionally. All I drink it water (and sometimes apple juice in the morning with breakfast). Oh, I drink white tea sometimes, but not very often. This was how I ate and drank even before I started baking soda, so I don't think it improved my acne condition, but it keeps me healthy. :) My sister is a strict vegetarian and she didn't clear up until the baking soda thing either.
  10. That is a good step-by-step plan. It should help a lot of people. I honestly was just guessing when I said "a teaspoon and a half". I really just pour some into my palm - I don't think it's exactly the same amount each time. Keep me updated on how this works for you.
  11. I'm concerned that your face felt itchy in some areas. Try not to press too hard on those sensitive areas (you may even avoid them altogether). I have to be careful around my eyes. It took me a few times before I found the right amount of pressure and time to wash my face with the baking soda. As a warning to everyone: even though the baking soda is so fine that it doesn't feel like you're doing much while washing, you really are exfoliating and cleaning a lot, so be careful to not press
  12. I do it twice a day. I don't use any BP or SA. I just moisturize with Rosehip Seed Oil afterwards which I only use a drop or so (of the oil) and rub it between my palms then I pat my face with it.
  13. I wet my face with warm water. After that, I pour baking soda in my wet hands and then apply it to my face and just wash my face with it. I usually have to add more water as I go. Then I rinse it off. I don't let it sit on my face like a mask. I make sure I rinse it off immediately.
  14. I've used the Walmart cheap brand in the blue box and I've used Arm N Hammer (sp?). My sister and I think the Arm N Hammer is finer, but they both work fine. I use my palms and fingers, but press lightly. I think each person has to experiment to find what's right for them. Push too hard or do it too long and I think it burns my face in the end - so be careful. I don't concentrate on problem areas (I don't even have problem areas anymore), I just wash my face like I normally would do with fa
  15. It has been so long since I started this that it's hard for me to remember if I had an initial breakout. I mostly just remember an increase in oil at first. I've been doing this now for over 8 months, and I think my skin looks better every month. My sister says the same thing. Each month is better than the last. I haven't been getting zits for months, so what I mean is that the overall texture and look of my skin gets better each month. I think one of my favorite things is washing my face