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  1. well dam i've been using the infrared on my temples all this time. glad you asked ledman about it.
  2. hey lamar i think it would be a good idea if you edited your original post and paste the step by step guide there so people can see it on the front page instead of having to search through all these pages.
  3. sorry no topical cream will help with scarring unless you do something to stimulate the collagen under the scar like needling or dermarolling, then the creams can help aid in collagen production.
  4. THink it's a good idea to do both like a combo? not do them exactly at the same time but intervals.
  5. thanks..but is that available here??i mean in asia.. about benzoyl peroxide..what s tat actually?can i get tat in the pharmacy? accutane,can i buy that as well in the pharmacy as well as i heard that it s so good..what do u think?did u have such problem?how did u solve it? i don't know if they sell it in stores in asia, but you can order it online. http://demodexsolutions.com/vpasp6.5/shopexd.asp?id=25 that's the one. benzoyl peroxide is chemical that comes in cream or lotion form, it kills p
  6. you mean like after your acne clears you your skin starts to sink in? if that's the case from my experience when i was on accutane and my acne cleared i had a lot of sunken scars. Over time most of them resurfaced, but i still have scars from the really big ass cysts. I think there was no stopping those from scarring.
  7. also here's another person who used the same treatment as me. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Im-Cured-...ti-t192825.html it's a lot to read but i think you should read it b4 making a decision to try it or not.
  8. hello, try not to wash your face more than 2 times a day. Washing your face often doesn't solve acne problems. If you get really oily you can rinse your face with warm water through out the day. Don't use any cleansers that dry your skin out cause that can make it worse. I haven't heard about Acne Derm but i use Dove Beauty Bar White to wash my face. Just splash your face with water and lather it up in your hands and GENTLY run the lather over your face (don't scrub your face) for 5-8 secs a
  9. i used to have acne like that too. i suggest you stop using the neutrogena washes cause they're pretty drying and harsh. I use dove beauty bar white and just lather it in my hands and slightly run the lather over my face for about 5-8 secs then rinse off.
  10. man i posted 2 threads about this and no1 cares to believe it. I used that ZZ cream since last august it works dam good. Give this a try man. IT SERIOUSLY WORKS!!! To redsentinel, If you want to know more about the mites. go to demodexsolutions.com and read about it. They a lot of information on their site.
  11. well its been about 3 months since i posted this thread and still pretty much clear. i still get a small breakout because ive been eating like shit, but its really nothing. Looks like no1 wants to give this a try. I told a coworker the other night about what cleared me up and gave him the website. he's gonna take a shot at it.
  12. Hello! My acne was mild to moderate and getting worse! So awhile back i ordered the ZZ cream to see if it would get rid of my acne. After 1 month or so, i hadn't seen any changes in my acne, but i did notice less facial redness so i made a topic in the facial redness section. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...p;#entry2022972 go check it out for more of my background info. Anyways I started the treatment on aug 20th and it's been a little over 3 months and my acne is dam near
  13. dove beauty bar White works great