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  1. Hi, I have a couple of red marks and an overall red flush on my face (as if I had a sunburn..you know what I'm talking about). Can neosporin help remove red marks AND the red flush? I've heard that it heals red marks really well, but I'd like to know if it helps with the overall complexion. If it did, how long did it take you for it to disappear? I hear 1-2months of neo (applied to entire face everyday) will do. Thanks
  2. It's our nature that we have oily skin. I don't think we can change that. However, as far as shine control goes, I recommend any oil-free/non-comedogenic "oil-control" gels. I personally use Clinique (skin supplies for men) oil control hydrator. It's very expensive ($20 for 1.7FL OZ) but it will keep you shin-free for at least 10-12 hours. good luck.
  3. I've been using it for almost 4 months (since december). I'm changing to a new product. It doesn't really do anything. It's very drying, so if you want to use it be sure to apply moisturizer after.
  4. I first got acne in 10th grade (16)...Now I'm 20. It's been 4+ years, and it was worst last year (19). I guess I'm growing out of it. I hope. My bro (21) grew out of it just last year. I hope I can be clear within next year...
  5. I've been using it for 2.5 months, and from my experience it doesn't seem to be doing anything...
  6. I used to masterbate once a week. Got 3-4 cysts a week. So I just wanted to see if masterbation really had an effect on acne. It's been 2.5 weeks since I last did one, and I've only gotten 3 cysts so far. Although I still get whiteheads, they are not as terrible as red, painful cysts. I'm very happy with the result. That's almost one a week! (quite an improvement for me) It is clear (at least for me) masterbation aggravates acne. I think I'll wait until I get a wet dream (which is about 4-5 w
  7. My skin is just like yours. Little active acne but a great deal of red flushing. The redness is not really from an accumulation of red marks but from I-dont-know-what. It seems like flushing always comes with some acne, but not always (spotty acne is one). I'm looking for a good nighttime moisturizer that also helps with redness. Anyone?
  8. I took MSM for 2 months (1000mg x 3 a day) It did nothing for me. In the worst case, I think it broke me out but I have little evidence to support this. Good luck to whoever is trying out MSM..
  9. I tried Fruit of the Earth (FOTE) aloe vera gel for 3 weeks and all it did was leave a lot of whiteheads from clogged pores. It's hella drying too...If you are to use aloe, stay away from this brand
  10. I feel like whatever I do, get acne medications or eat a lot of junk food, I get the same amount of acne. It feels as if my body is strictly following an acne "quota"; it must fill that specific number of zits everyday no matter what happens... I'm never clear at any given time; although the number of zits has reduced over the last couple of months, there are always 2-3 new zits forming....argh What do you think?
  11. I've been on facedoctor soap for 5 weeks now. Huge initial breakouts in week 1-2 Mild improvement in week 3 Breakouts again in week 4 Improvement in week 5. I don't get as many inflammatory cysts anymore. Instead, all I get nowadays is 1 or 2 small whiteheads a day. I'm currently happy with the result, and hoping to see more improvements. I think it is working because unlike any other "cleanser" products, the soap is just plain simple (aka "Just soap and water"). It does not have harmful che
  12. I've been using Facedoctor soap for a month now. I had really bad initial breakout in Week1 ~ 2. No visible improvements yet... It looks like instead of painful cysts, I get more whiteheads these days (I'd prefer whiteheads to cysts anyday). I'm gonna use it for another 2-3 months and see if there is any improvement. It is really drying, yeah. So use a moisturizer.
  13. I use Purpose Dual Treatment Moisture Lotion with SPF 15. It's absorbed quickly, non-comedogenic, non-shiny and has SPF 15. It doesn't break me out. I think this is a good mid-SPF level moisturizer. P.S. I'm still looking for a nighttime moisturzier (with vitamins, etc), since I don't really need the SPF 15.
  14. Which moisturizers are good for nighttime? I usually take a shower at midnight, and I'd like to buy a decent moisturizer. It should be (as we all know) non-comedogenic and preferably non-shiny. Thanks!
  15. Hmm..I'm 2 weeks into 3 x 1000mg fish oil. At first, I thought it didn't to jack, but these days my face has become increasingly dry...even after 12 hours (i wash twice a day) my face is NOT oily. Btw, I don't moisturize (I know I should but I am testing fish oil out) It is either the current dry winter weather or this fish oil thing is working. If anyone's experiencing extremem dryness that goes on for 12 hours (without moisturizing), tell me. If not, I guess the fish oil is working.
  16. it's been 2 weeks at 3 x 1000mg fish oil capsules a day. No difference. I'm gonna stop when my bottle runs out (1~2 more weeks). Oh well.
  17. Facedoctor soap...it's been 2 weeks+ (started on 12/12)...got a massive initial breakout in the first week, consistent breakouts in the following week... It's becoming better, slightly less breakouts eachday, but definitely more than what i usually had. I hope it gets better. It looks like the soap will last another 2 months...i'll try it till march. If it doesn't get any better, i'll have to switch to another product. Fingers crossed...
  18. Yeah, it seems like people generally go thru the purging phase. Your skin needs to adjust itself to the soap. It's been a week and a half; I experienced a massive breakout on the 2nd and 3rd day. It subsided in a week, but there are still some popping up here and there...i guess i need to wait longer for improvement...
  19. I'm on week 1 on facedoctor soap. It gave me a big initial breakout...and it hasn't subsided yet... Has anyone experienced such breakout? When will my skin normalize again? I hope it subsides by week 2 or 3....
  20. I started using Face Doctor 2 days ago. It gave me a massive breakout (worst ever since last year!) for the last two days, but it is calming down. It feels very dry at night, so anyone recommend a good evening moisturizer?
  21. Hi, I am a newcomer here. I've been observing the message board for quite a while, but I haven't come across anything particularly effective. However, when I exercise (jog for 30min), I realized that my nose is the only part of my face that sweats (and it sweats a LOT). Here's what is interesting. The rest of my face is pink/red and acne-prone. Guess what? Even after 30-40min of jogging, mynose is the only place that sweats! And my nose is TOTALLY CLEAR (If u looked at my nose only, u wouldn't