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  1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.f...2464&query_hl=1 Nah, can't eat/drink dairy, long been established. Just google milk and acne and you get a dozens of studies. It's the whole "our bodies weren't evolved to" eat modern foods stuff. Paleo diet all the way, either that or super low GI/GL and no dairy (what I'm doing).
  2. *sigh* people on this forum post the same goddamn crap over and over and over. They never bother to read the posts in which actual research is brought up and people have ACTUALLY HAD RESULTS. Looking at what you're eating it's pretty obvious why you still break out. You are still eating grains, which is just as bad as any type of soda as far as your body is concerned. Cut out all grains, sweets, and fruit juice. Eat more nuts, meats, fish, low GI fruits, and beans. I'm sick of telling typing t
  3. 1.)Eat fruit/nuts 2.)If you really want, eat beans 3.)If you're REALLY desperate eat some par-boiled fetuccini with a lot of fat I'd suggest sticking to options 1 and 2
  4. What the hell dude. The paleo diet isn't low carb, it's what you make it. It's eating certain carbs along with healthy protein. Eat more fruits if you feel drained, your body is just used ot eating garbage filled with energy, it takes some getting used to. Stick with it, if you need to add in beans or other low GI/GL carbs that aren't paleo, they won't affect your skin. Good Luck
  5. For those of you that would suffer "social problems." You can still eat most anything with chocolate in it, so long as you're not allergic. Chocolate is mostly saturated fat and the sugar doesn't cause an insulin surge as such. You can drink any alcohol with the exception of beer. Alcohol actually lowers blood sugar levels, so in theory it actually helps acne, just don't drink beer which is made from grains (counter productive). So there you go, avoid chips and beer and you'll be okay.
  6. Heh, well said everyone. I've also been following the diet strictly for 6 months, with some variation. You don't really have to eliminate foods like beans for instance; baked beans are perfectly fine if you're trying to eliminate acne. Also, you can add parboiled rice and fettuccini so long as you eat it with protein and a lot of fat; this cuts off the IGF-1 spike. Then again, you can follow the paleo diet religiously, but I prefer my variety. Either way, 3-4 months and you'll have clear skin.
  7. Well, I'm suprised no one responded using this logic, but here it goes. Don't pimples, blackheads, redness, oilyness, etc. count as skin irregularities? Doesn't the sheer number of acne sufferers completely turn these thoughts the other way around? Not at all. Acne didn't appear until agriculture did. Look up the Paleolithic diet by Dr. Cordain, he fully explains in published research how acne and refined grains are linked. I don't think anyone at this point can contest an acne/die
  8. Just a thought. Your skin has evolved over millions of years and knows how to regulate itself better than you do. Adding BP or any other chemicals that aren't natural will only cause problems logically because your skin wasn't designed to deal with chemicals. Your skin will eventually become dependant and even start to break down after a while, not to mention lose its ability to fight off acne on its own. Notice how sooo many people have problems quitting medication. Do yourself a favor and NO
  9. No problem, glad I can help. I know what a pain acne can be. As far as the omlet goes, I don't actually make it, my grandmother does. I think she adds, onion, tomato, lettus.
  10. I guess you can try weightlifting, but you should do some cardio with that (it drops sugar levels and helps keep stress/hormones in check). I add chopped up veggies to my omelet, tastes great. Pineapple is high on the glycemic scale so I don't eat it. Eat cherries, pears, apples, grapes, plums, strawberriesm, and kiwi. Avoid bananas, pineapples, dates, raisins, watermellon, cantalope. Again, try to limit fruit to reasonable amounts and try not to eat it alone. As for the organic/inorganic mea
  11. forget oatmeal dude, I'm sure you could probably eat it if you add stuff to it and you bought a certain brand (not sure what brand). But whats the point? It tastes bad. I'd suggest you try my diet plan, see how it works out for you.
  12. Hah, I feel for you. I'm at 8% body fat after eating a modified diet for 1/2 a year. Not sure how healthy healthy my fat levels are for a 17-year-old. You gotta understand that meats (beef, chicken, pork and fish + other sea foods) are all fine. RED MEATS don't affect acne unless you don't consume fiber with them, then they clog your intestines and cause cystic acne. Add a LOT more protein via meats. Next, add baked beans, extremely low GI/GL and a pretty good source of crabs. Then if you real
  13. Bump, anyone else got any idea about GI/GL? Don't really think I could get a hold of that book
  14. So I've been eating a Paleolithic diet (google it) for the last 4-5 months and am completely free of any acne now. I've been researching fruits and some of their side-effects and decided that I might try some alternate carb source. I figured since Fettucini is the lowest GI grain that I could find that I would try it, only problem is that it's GL rating is through the roof at 20. Can anyone explain to me the difference between an apple with GI 30 and GL 6 and Fettucini GI 33 Gl 20 in terms of bl
  15. rofl, not a chance. It will make your IGF-1 hormones go through the roof, causing acne like no other.