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  1. I do a routine similar to what this guy says on this website.. but I only do it before bed.... my forehead and cheeks are mostly spotless..... in fact.. I don't even do nothing to my forehead, no medicine or nothing. I had done my routine like that for four years... and in the last year.. I'd take breaks cause I just wouldn't feel like spending dam 45 minutes on my face before bed. Lately though I took the longest break ever.. I stopped it for about a month. I f'n hate this cause i keep getti
  2. ********WARNING*************** I am ranting... i am gonna be very vulgar. i am probably gonna say stuff to offend people. if you get offended easy by cusisng and shit like that.. please leave this thread alone... but if you wanna hear one pissed off son of a bitch bitch about everything... then continue reading. I used to post on here about a year ago... my piece of shit computer started fuckin up and then I just said fuck it and didn't get on the computer all like that anymore. But
  3. aight.. check this out... i been suffering with acne for about 8 years now... had my ups and downs with every different pill, cream and all that shit on the market. today.. all i do is take a shower for the first part of the day... and just wait a half hour.. and put on that neutrogena moisturizer... and then before bed i wash my face with cetaphil.... wait 15 min.. use pro activ bp repairing lotion... wait 15 min.. and then use that neutrogena moisturizer again..... thats how i do my shit.. bu
  4. so about a little more than a month ago i had this big ass pimple maybe it was a cist, that was right on my neck. it was a big motherfucker too. so as time went by it degressed and now it's a big red mark. so now today at work, this girl that i think kinda likes me... and i sorta somewhat in a way but not really like her... she comes up to me and asks... "is that a hickey on your neck"? like what the fuck am i suppose to say ya know? i dont want to say "yeah, it is" and ruin any possible ch
  5. FUCK!!.. i honestly cant sleep for nothing. i'm not worried, i dont have no stress (the job thing but i'm not even worried about that because i dont support myself) its like 10 AM and i still havent fallen asleep. i've tried listening to slow ass christmas music, counting sheep, all that shit. fukk i even put on that dumb ass C-span channel which is dry as hell. with all those republicans or democrats or whatever the fukk u wanna call them sitting in a room talking about a whole bunch of no
  6. Where is your girlfriend? I'm not worried about having any girlfriend right now. I've went out and spent some time with some females the past few weeks... but I aint tryna get in no relationship. Too much heart ache and shit like that involved.... if it comes naturally to me, great, if not.. fugg it... i aint tryna force nothing ya know
  7. Oh yeah, I been to a dermatologist for four years. Been on accutane which was a mistake. Been on about 57 diffrent types of face creams and pills.. and none of it worked. But the regimen I'm doing now is working 100x better than the other stuff I've been on.
  8. I'm 20 years old, living at home, not going to school... (already flunked out of college and got kicked out for beatin this dudes ass..... school aint for me ). I got one job that pays so shitty that I dont even make enough to wipe my own cum stains up off the floor. Only reason I stay at that job is because I get my health insurance through there. If I end up quitting that job, with my luck.... the day after I quit that job and no longer have the health benefits.. watch.. I'll probably end
  9. Ok, you win. For the worst possible post regarding a cure for acne. Congratulations! Case closed. Congratulations...... you win the award for smelling like lasawnya terds and having the jitney driver do backflips in your front lawn
  10. This has kinda been working for me. If your a guy, you'd probably wanna get more motivation to do this than a female would. But do this......put on a good kick ass song you like... make sure you really like this song........ get a stop watch...... lay on your back... flat on your back....... and raise your legs up 6 inches in the air... and just hold them there for 3 minutes without dropping them once. You will sweat, your face will be red and you'll feel like ur gonna pass out. But i notice
  11. Aight... I'm gonna get right to the point..... my friend (male) gave his girlfriend's best friend (female) my phone number. We been talking for about two weeks on the phone. We click so well together.. for example.. the one time we're on the phone.. she called me at 11:30... we talk... I said to her "I am gonna go grab a sandwich real quick before Married With Children starts (1 AM) i'll call you right back"... but I look at the clock and little did I know that it was already 2:30 in the morni
  12. Man I just want to move the fuck out of Utah.... I'm talking to my football trainer today....... he says to me..... "I'm gonna put you on a program, we are going to build up your strength, endurance and getting you eating healthy.. look at your face you look like Peter Pan." Can anyone explain to me what that means? My acne is basically all consisting off red marks that are trying to fade.. and 0 active pimples..... but what does "You look like Peter Pan" mean....... was it an acne insult? I
  13. Anyone ever hear of those Carnation Instant Breakfast drinks? Any chance that those could end up breaking somebody out? I need to gain some weight and I gotta drink those. Someone give me some advice/info. Thanks.
  14. man dont worry about what these ho's think. she probably just wanted money anyways. tell her to go pick her crap out of the toilet. dont forget acne is only temporarily.
  15. thats right this stuff needs to be called AccuPAIN.....if u have face and back acne.. this might be for you.... especially if its real bad on the back... take this stuff. but if you have just facial acne only..... my advice..... be happy with what you have.... and stay away from this CRAPOLA... while i was on it , it left several bowling balls on my face, most of them now are scars and red marks that im still trying to get rid of... my advice before u go on accutane....... be happy with what yo