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  1. Your post seems fishy, any pics? No Offense. .. I swear its just someone working there to get people to go there.. (South Coast Med Spa), they seem to have been trying extra hard lately, youtube videos every week but with no after results and a load of positive reviews on review sites
  2. Wow. My anxiety problem has skyrocketed recently. I find myself constantly shaking for no reason, especially at school. This past few days my appetite is gone, I can eat breakfast at like 6 and not feel hungry till dinner. Any ideas?
  3. Yes, I'll keep that in mind Genki when I do get any procedure done. I took a look at your before and afters and I must say that my scars are some much like yours, but more spread out. I'm assuming you're asian from your skin tone and username, so did the doctors say anything about any risks of hyper-pigmentation? In most of our cases a little bit improvement will be just fine. What bothers me most though is not the scar itself but the darkness and brown spots around it. How much did your treatme
  4. You scars really aren't that bad. Take yours and multiply by 10 and that's what I have on my left side.
  5. Hey, thanks for all the positive and helpful replies. My skin is pretty much free of any active acne, just a zit every now and then. I've read that thread by the Bulgarian Doc about stem cells for scars, it sounds awesome, but what are the chances of it coming out within the next 5 years? As for the risk of hyper-pigmentation being asian, I've seen lasers being used on people with my skin type on youtube. Is that not helpful? And yes, I've been trying to do my best to seek the best treatment. Ri
  6. Hi there. I've been a long time user of acne.org and have been lurking around here and there. I started getting acne after 6th grade, I remember it all to clearly. First, some blocked pores on my nose. I was curoius as to what it was and how to treat it. I bought my first over-the-counter acne product not too long after, it was some blackhead wipes by Neutrogena. Not long after that blackheads turned into pimples. Those painful ones. I started getting more and more. Being a 14 year old with pim
  7. A rash appears on my face every time I wash my face. It doesn't matter how gentle I wash it or merely just give it a splash of water, I always end up having a blotchy itchy red rash which stays with me throughout the morning.. Sometimes water doesn't even need to be around and I get a rash. I have some theories of maybe it's the water in my house or that accutane really made my skin very sensitive, but I stopped taking accutane about a year ago. ANY HELP?
  8. Thanks for the quick reply. But I see kids at school always touching and smearing their face with their hands and their faces are flawless, especially the girls. I used to be very paranoid about it, is someone was just playing around and would touch my face it would be on my mind the whole day lol
  9. Like touching your face or using a dirty towel to wipe off your face after showering... I used to be the biggest germaphobe, I remembered I was once playing tennis and the ball came up and from the ground and since it was raining the other day it was all wet. I remember telling my friends I had to go home not long after that just to wash my face. After a while I've come to the conclusion that maybe germs don't have anything to do with acne, and it's just all on diet. (from my experience).
  10. I hope, how old is your son? patient is something I don't have a lot of right now. I mean I've been waiting for so long now, to get clear that is.. and it's been 6 months since I've been waiting for my red marks to fade.
  11. you got tips? anything at all that has helped you? I mean I tried contacting the local scar place here, they said they wouldn't operate on my face because of the risk of more hyper pigmentation of asian skin..
  12. This is truly depressing. Why am I stuck with asian skin? I am doomed, the other day I was at the supermarket for a job orientation and I noticed how bad my brown marks & scars looked under florescent lights. Not to mention in direct sunlight. WHY?! When doesn't anything good ever happen to me? Why?! Now what can I do? Should I take more vitamin supplements as I see a little difference when taking them. Should I wait a couple of years till I finish high school? I feel like giving up, why did
  13. what kind of skin type do you have? Are you asian?
  14. makes sense.... dont be too rough on your face, avoid harsh cleansers at all cost.
  15. yea havnt been using deodorant for a while now, but school is starting soon.. don't want to be the stinky kid, I'm think I'm going to buy some of that natural and organic deodorants...
  16. but I read your whole regimen, and the part that you said you get Chicken & Broccoli chinese takeout almost everyday gets me. I'm chinese, my dad used to own a restaurant and that chicken & broccoli contains so much MSG + sodium.. it can be bad for you, my dad makes the healthy version of chicken & broccoli at home now.. no MSG, not so much salt..
  17. hey Necromancer, I'm 16, male and have had mild-severe acne, my acne was bad enough to get accutane last July. I'm now clear though I want to live a healthy lifestyle. I just wanted to say thanks a lot for the lengthy posts you've made.. I've been following a regimen nearly the same as yours for a month now and I've been having good results. im taking vitamins separately right now, though after reading your regimen today I will try to switch to a multi-vitamin.. it makes more sense.
  18. yo eddie, I've decided to buy organic apples from now on. Shit I've been eating bags and bags of apples with pesticides all this time.. stuff is expensive thoguh so I've got to cut back on apple intake during the week
  19. shit its quite easy for me now, that day when I had chipotle for lunch I was like shit this will make me breakout and I felt guilty.. though I will avoid fast food 100% now. It's quite tempting sometimes but I can handle it. Though for such things as apples at wal-mart which has pesticides on them.. I'm not sure. I sure do eat a lot of apples and fruits from stores like wal-mart and such but the organic fruits cost double of what it is at walmart and I would still get the same amount.. :/
  20. when i wash my hair I kneel down and bend over the shower faucet.. I don't shampoo everyday now, just maybe twice a week is enough for me and I'm going to start using a natural shampoo..
  21. the only thing i use on my face is bio-oil, though I have been rather strict about my diet also like you have been in the past, I still can't seem to get over the guilt whenever I eat something processed, like today.. I had fast food (chipotle) for the first time in a like a month.. I'm now worried the effect that it'll have on my skin.. funny huh? I guess I'm going to have to wait 2 weeks to find out..
  22. thats good to hear!! AHA from where? theres glycolic acid in it though, and I've had bad experiences with acids.. it seems like I very sensitive to a lot of stuff.. how bad were your marks? If that is you in your avatar, my skin is pretty much the same tone as yours.. I've just got bio-oil today though, I'm going to use it for a couple of weeks to see if theres any improvement...
  23. alright, but that has 10% glycolic acid, can you keep me updated if you can? I might buy it from the site if it works well for you, what kind of descent are you?? yea I suppose you have moderate oily skin too? from being asian?? I am Vietnamese with moderate oily skin. You can check my blog on acne.org. I will post there. That's great! Can't wait to get the same result thanks guys for replying, alright I think I'm going to wait a couple of months with the vitamins and all to see
  24. I'm asian, chinese to be exact. My skin tone is light for an asian, and I was wondering if AHA could be used properly on an asian skin tone. I'm aware that us asians have limited options in what to treat red marks and scars. I'm 16 at the moment and I plan to travel to Hong Kong when I'm older to get better treatment there, but for now I'm looking for a quick fix..