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  1. If I was just "told so," then that would have been the end of it, but I wasn't just "told so." Not only did you delete the link from my signature - you also inserted a bit of commentary into my signature, and I had a bit of commentary of my own about your commentary. Call me "rude" for that if you like. I disagree that I was rude; at most, I'd say I was sarcastic, but that's just me. I do appreciate that the board has rules, but that link was in my signature for a couple *years*, and I didn't kn
  2. If your derm prescribes you Accutane, then you'll get told to take the horror stories with a grain of salt, that you should trust your derm's expertise, since your derm is the M.D. who went through years of schooling, etc. But then if you take the Accutane, and you happen to end up one of the unlucky few who get screwed over, then you'll get blamed for not doing your own research.
  3. Hi, clandestine_guy - Can you provide any links that say that acne can't build a resistance to sulfacetamide? (Is it okay to post external links around here? I seem to recall there was a rule where the Acne.org gods would pwn you for posting external links, but I've been seeing external links around here lately, or maybe I just misunderstood the rules.) Sulfacetamide is an antibiotic, isn't it? I did really well on sulfacetamide for over a year, but I stopped using it months back because I w
  4. Or more drying? Or about the same? I've been using Neutrogena On-the-Spot (not just as a spot treatment but all over my face in accordance with the Regimen), but I'm thinking of buying the Acne.org gel because it looks like it would glide over the skin more easily. But the Neutrogena is already incredibly drying and wrinkle-inducing on my face, and if the Acne.org gel is going to be more so, then I'd rather stick with the Neutrogena. I understand they're both 2.5% benzoyl peroxide, but I wonder
  5. Carley's cleanser vs. Proactiv cleanser: Do you recommend one over the other, and why?
  6. Maybe so, but there are also those who don't know the full extent of the risk and wouldn't go for Accutane if only they knew. But *do* we all read and comprehend the package insert? Or do some of us just listen to the people who praise Accutane as a miracle drug and downplay the side effects and later tell us, "Well, it's your fault, it was your decision to take the medication" when we complain about the side effects not going away? Plus, it's not necessarily enough that something's on
  7. Chaseryder, I really appreciate it. Because of posts like yours, I know that Accutane is not something I want for myself, so I thank you. A few years ago, I was hell-bent on going on Accutane. I discovered Accutane online; I found many accounts of Accutane as basically a miracle drug that results in permanently clear skin - albeit with side effects that could be somewhat harsh, but temporary and worth the results. At the time, I didn't yet have medical insurance that would enable me to afford it
  8. Any of you savvy people know whether Nivea Visage Q10 Advanced Wrinkle Reducer Night Creme causes the skin to peel? I know that anti-wrinkle products often work by causing peeling. My face already has a lot of peeling from the acne products I use. I'm looking for a night cream that will lessen and prevent fine lines/wrinkles by being very richly moisturizing, and combat the dryness and peeling I get from the acne products.
  9. I was feeling depressed this past weekend, so I went shopping and impulse-purchased a couple hundred dollars' worth in eye makeup brushes at the MAC counter. Should I return them? Are brushes really much better than regular sponge applicators?
  10. Those of you who have this brush, do you take it with you in your purse for touch-ups when you go out? I have this brush, but it doesn't seem very portable - it's kind of big.
  11. On the MAC website, the page for Studio TECH specifically says that it "is dermatologist tested, ophthalmologist tested, non-acnegenic and safe for contact lens wearers." The page for Studio FIX says no such thing, so does that mean Studio Fix is acnegenic?
  12. Yes. I've been on minocycline for the past 2 years, and I've been just an awfully exhausted person ever since. So I've decided that after I down the last pill in my current bottle of mino, I'll not renew the prescription, nor any other prescription for oral acne medication. And see if I can keep the cystic acne under control with topicals. I'm really scared of what might happen, because I had terrible cystic acne all over my face, and mino cleared me up, and even my derm says the acne will just
  13. Yeah, that reply does sound rather dumb, casting doubt on the credibility of the product, which is especially disappointing because I placed a first-time order just a couple days ago for a bottle of their Carley's Clear & Smooth.