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  1. Wow, first I couldn't find this topic. I thought it got deleted somehow. Anyways, I don't really visit this forum anymore. I just came back to tell you guys that... ...IT WORKED! After a rocky start the blackheads just started to get smaller and smaller, till they disappeared! FINALLY CLEAR!
  2. I have a bump on my back that appears to be a small sebaceous cyst. Which is basically a cyst filled with hardened sebum. While looking up ways to get rid of it, I discovered the following treatment on Wikipedia:
  3. In the past years I've tried various BHA products. They all failed and made me look worse. I almost thought I was allergic to SA. I was especially disappointed with Paula's Choice's 2% BHA products because so many people were raving about it. However, in the past I only tried PC's 2% BHA gel and PC's 2% BHA liquid. I chose these because I read the lotion was less strong and contained ingredients that clogged the pores. Last month, for some reason, I decided to give the 2% BHA lotion a chance.
  4. WRONG! There is such a thing as "good bacteria". These bacteria are indeed still bacteria, but they're harmless as long as their concentration is not allowed to grow beyond unhealthy levels. A normal healthy body can keeps these bacteria perfectly in check though. These "good" bacteria are needed to defend our bodies from more aggressive, bad bacteria. "Good" bacteria basically make up our body's immune system. Our body's first line of defense. But You have NO CLUE what you're talking about. W
  5. I've always suspected cleansers make acne worse, but I didn't know why. I only use a cleanser because I'm scared else my topical treatment wont be able to penetrate my skin well.
  6. If you use BHA for blackheads on your nose make sure that the product doesn't contain alcohol. Alcohol doesn't only dry out your skin (which in turn leads to more dead skin cells clogging your pores) but it also dries out the sebum plugs in your pores turning them into hard wax plugs that are really difficult to remove. If your skin's like mine and blackheads are your only problem, I've noticed that less is more. Be very gentle, because if your skin becomes irritated you're back to square on
  7. You're on AHA, BHA and tretinoine, right? I've tried it too. For me it was overkill. I'm happy you found your ideal regimen.
  8. That gel might change the appearance of your blackheads, but it won't make them go away. The cause of blackheads lies deep in the skin. It takes longer then two weeks to deal with. If your skin has really improved, it's caused by something you did longer ago then just two weeks.
  9. There is already a thread which discusses the use of sebum. Don't hijack this one, just continue your discussion in the right thread. I've always suspected most conventional moisturizers to be garbage. They temporary make your skin look better, but in reality they do more harm then good.
  10. I'm agreeing with most of the things you said. Keeping your skin moisturized is essential for it's health. However, moisturizers are most of the time just garbage. I think applying a little bit of jojoba/emu/whatever you like oil on damp skin works just as well, probably even better.
  11. I do you wash your face? I've noticed that when I wash my face with warm water, I get flaky too. Water is pretty drying by itself. Try to minimize the time you expose your face to water.
  12. I want to stop using cleansers and moisturizers on a daily base and start washing mostly with water only. (Off-topic: I used to think sebum was bad. But now I believe that stripping the skin of it's natural oils daily only to replace them with a moisturizer afterwards, doesn't really make sense.) However I do worry about the efficiency of topicals. Do they need a clean face without sebum to be absorbed better in the skin? I'm going to start using Finacea, so will applying Finacea on a skin cle
  13. Yeah, but that's just 5% salicylic acid and 95% alcohol. They didn't even bother adding water in to reduce the amount of alcohol. Plus, it's really expensive for what it is, especially if I have to pay loads for shipping too. I'm meeting with my derm tomorrow. I'm not counting on much help (I'v been visiting derms with this problem for almost 8 years) but I'm hoping he knows a strong SA product or at least a formula the pharmacist can prepare for me. Jezus, why is this all so difficult.
  14. Hmmm...Garden of Wisdom is a nice website to buy individual ingredients, but that seems to be all they're doing, if I get it right. It would be terrific if you could select ingredients you'd like mix and it which quantities and they would tell you the current PH-value of your mixture so you could use an ph-adjuster to get it right.
  15. I was just wondering. How about applying salicylic acid in an alcohol based solution and applying a drop of jojoba right after it. Would that drop of jojoba reduce the effectiveness of the salicylic acid in any way?