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  1. Denise2 post Great Acne Treatment; the Best, actually is worth reading on this subject.
  2. Hi, you should be able to buy an Aloe Vera plant from any garden centre, that's where I got mine from.
  3. I can't really say because I've only just started using the product. Please check through the threads or Ruperts website for more information. If you google Daphne filler it should come up with the threads on this website relating to the product.
  4. Hi There, I too have a number of ice picks on my nose and I get so distressed when I look at them. I don't just have 1 but 5!! Sometime ago I bought the Daphne Filler (there's a thread on the board about this product) and last weekend was the first time I eventually got around to using it. I had a family event to go to and was seeing people I hadn't seen for a long time and really didn't want to go because of these blasted ice-pick on my nose. Well, I followed the instructions by Rupert ( a
  5. Do you know this for a fact? if not keep your negativity to yourself!
  6. I think Fancyjulie is talking about the environ cosmetic roll cit not the medical or surgical roll cit. There is a difference. The cosmetic roll cit is to be used at home with collagen boosting products eg copper peptides, environ products. It's all there on the environ website. Because she said she was using it daily I have reason to believe it is the cosmetic roll cit, the medical roll cit is the one with 1.5 mm needles which would be performed on you by a professional. The surgical roll cit i
  7. WorthyP - Wow you're seeing Dr Sach Mohan!! I'm going to see him next week Friday. Did you have the dermaroller straight away or did they advise you to prepare your skin for a couple of weeks before the treatment? I'm so excited and want this sooo much to work for me because i have dark skin and every other treatment outthere is not suitable for my skin type. How much did the treatment cost? How many weeks did you have to wait for the next session, How long did the treatment take? When did you
  8. I am hoping to hear from her sometime next week. Will let you know. Cursed1 I heard from the lady in Oxford today. This is a copy of her e-mail. The specialist in Dermaroller needling that I saw giving a demonstration at the FACE conference is called Dr Sach Mohan. He has established an aesthetic practice across a number of Middlesex clinics and he is a clinical trainer for Dermaroller. I'm afraid that I don't know the name of any of these clinics, but I'm sure if you Google his na
  9. I am hoping to hear from her sometime next week. Will let you know.
  10. Today i spoke to lady in Oxford who does skin needling i had e-mailed her to discuss the possibility of having this done. In her e-mail she was very frank see copy of email below. Thank you for your enquiry about CIT for acne scarring. I have performed this needling technique on a handful of patients, with a generally good outcome after 4 - 6 treatments, about 6 weeks apart. I should point out though that these patients had only a few acne "pock marks" and not large areas of hypotrophic sc
  11. pat


    I have dark skin and acne scarring. Was searching the internet today to see what was available for my skin type. Stumbled on this website as i was also looking for before and after pictures. www.permanentbeauty.co.uk. I e-mailed the clinic to find out what laser was used on the male with VI skin type and acne scarring. They said it was the Regenlite Laser. A type of n-lite laser. Hadn't heard of this one before but the picture did look impressive.
  12. What products did you use for after care ?
  13. Cammem, are you using the SF moisturiser that came with the acne scar eraser?
  14. I have read quite a number of positive feedback about this oil on www.makeupalley.com.