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  1. Day 6 Skin is peeling. LOTS of peeling. My whole lower face is coming undone. I am pushing forward though -- whereas before the BP used to sting like crazy when I put it on, it is now down to a tollerable amount of pain. No new pimples though! And the pimples I had seem to be on the way out.
  2. The latest picture...a few whiteheads, the blackhead I had went away. You can't see the fact this is pretty red in this picture, but take my word for it, my lower face is pretty damn red. 1 new whitehead near my lip (top right of the pic)
  3. Day 4 OW! Stings. Skin is red. Pain. Hard to form full sentences. Sorry. 2 new pimples. 2 pimples gone! Ow
  4. Day 3 Face is still tight, a bit sore (but I hope that's just the war with the pimples...racing on my face). The large spot I have is shrinking, or the area around is just getting red, and I can't tell the difference? Oh well. I don't know how often I should take pictures..probably tomorrow, or whenever I see some improvement? When I put on the moisturizer it goes on easy, but as I rub it in it gets a bit sore (mostly just from touching the pimples)...If I don't rub it in (mind you, g
  5. Day 2, same old stuff, no changes as far as the acne goes. I found a working, old, digital camera and have taken a few snapshots to give people a clearer idea, and to track my progress. Right now my face is pretty calm (relatively), but anyway: Thats my problem area. And the rest of my face (pretty unaffected): I'll try to take pictures at regular intervals..sorry that they aren't the clearest pics, but it's better than word descriptions, right? For an idea on picture quality: M
  6. First of all, I am an 18 year old Caucasian male who has had mild acne for at least four years. I've experimented with a few different over the counter medicines but never had the commitment to carry through (i.e. stopped when the going got rough. I attribute much of my failure to lack of moisturizer. I always felt moisturizer wasn't manly, but have since overcome that misconception.), or treated just the spots -- as Dan pointed out, this doesn't do anything but test your pimple chasing skills.