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  1. Reishi- An absolute superstar in releasing emotional blockages, strenghening the immune system and accessing higher levels of awareness. Mucuna Pruriens-Again, great for me in my post-roaccutane trauma, helps with athletic performance, adrenal fatigue, and general mood. It also helps greatly with Libido (something which was depleted due to years of stress from Acne) Astragalus- A great herb for me during the winter in boosting my body's immune system, digestion, and a great energy tonic. St J
  2. I seriously do not agree. If you take ACV straight, then yes, it would have that effect. However, if you take the recommended amount (1 tablespoon) with 4-5oz glass of water it can only benefit you. Honestly. Also be sure to look for Braggs ACV. It's the only one I recommend + has given me such great benefits.
  3. Hey there, I promise I have nothing to gain from this information, nor am I promoting any products (i've been on these boards long enough for you to see i'm not a spammer). Basically, I have had acne (or I had) since the age of 11. This completely ruined both my teenage years and the commencement of my adult life. I went through the usual methods, harsh creams, all the usual prescription suspects (even roaccutane) to the extent where I ended up not wanting to live anymore. I decided to get o
  4. I recently went to have 'bowen technique' a sort of acupuncture emotional release... and she asked me questions, and one of which was what was my relationship like with my parents growing up. Whilst I love my dad, I did go through (and still do) the whole of my childhood being scared of not doing what he says in fear of being screamed at or smacked. I mean, he could get REALLY angry. Basically if you didn't do what he said, or in any way question him, you would know about it. Thats still the c
  5. Hi, i have tried so much for food allergies/intolerances. I am allergic to Vitamin A (Since being on accutane) Milk Fish Citrus Vitamin C (Maybe its the citrus taste i am allergic to) Lemons + Multivitamins too When i have a reaction, i get brain fog, depressed, hair falls out, fatigue, memory loss, bad sleep. I tried 3 liver flushes, but it didn't make me go to the toilet whatsoever. I had an allergy test, but it didn't come up with anything. I even tried hypnotherapy! argh Does anyone
  6. I've done the liver flush before, and the only thing that puts me off doing another one is the horrible smell/taste of olive oil. Is there anything i can do (other than mixing it with lemons/grapefruit) to get rid of the smell taste? Does holding your nose while you drink stuff actually work? haha
  7. Surely by doing this EVERY night to the scars. you are bringing them back to square one? Surely you need to do it one night, and then let them heal for a few days and then do it again? I just don't understand how doing it every night will slowly build them up to eliminate them forever? The same reason why you are not supposed to do TCA cross every night? Right?
  8. As rolling scars are sort of a result of thin/damaged skin, wouldn't putting ACV on the skin make the skin more thin? I don't understand how i would help fill out the face thus reducing rolling scars? I'm all up for this working, + put some on my face tonight so am not pessimistic. Anyone can help as to how this helps rolling scars?
  9. Is it ok to put the epsom salts in empty capsules and take them with water that way?
  10. Can i just confirm that putting the epsom salts in capsules (instead of drinking it solely with water) will work just as well as mixing the epsom salts with water and taking them? Or is it best to do the latter? anyone help?
  11. I really like fish oil, but i have to say everytime i take it, i already feel the small bumps on my face forming which eventually leads to a break out of acne Ive tried from lower-higher doses, and it always breaks me out. Is there something else that moisturises your skin/good complexion/mental alertness like fish oil does? I was thinking of flaxseed oil, but was wondering if that may be exactly the same thing as fish oil (and break me out)? Sorry to bother everyone.
  12. Drinking lots and lots of water is the cheapest and probably most beneficial way of doing that! Ive already done one liver flush the other day, and im already seeing improvements in my skin. After roaccutane (a year and a half ago) my skin takes absolutely ages to heal (im only 21), but since doing the liver flush, my acne/scars are really healing up well for the first time in years! So is it 2week intervals between each liver flush?! Just wondering, as i did my first one on Friday, so i pre
  13. Is the ornithine, HCI (to sterilize the olive oil) and black walnut tincture essential? I have everything else, just not them. Anyone have any idea? Thanks
  14. Hmmm i thought i was over this, haven't exfoliated, or used any harsh things on my skin for months. Then the other night, i exfoliated gently and now my skin has gone back to how it used to be. Really thin ! And the red patches of skin i have had for almost 2years, but started to heal recently, have come back again. This has happened ever since ive finished roaccutane ! Taking zinc just seems to make my symptoms worse, and vitamin c just makes my bones/muscles ache. Im only 21, but the quality
  15. I was just wondering if andrews salts can be used instead of epsom salts for the liver flush? Any help? Many thanks!