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  1. tinlamisu

    -the face of a monster-

    You look a bit like Stephen from Laguna Beach!!!!!!
  2. How about Vitamin E Oil? It fades scars and redmarks? Helps healing too. Anyone tried it before?
  3. http://www.bodytimeproducts.com/jojoilmoisfo.html Has anyone try this product before?
  4. Wondering if I could get a tattoo when I'm on Accutane? I've been on it for almost a month, and I really want a tattoo so bad! Any answers would be appreciated.
  5. tinlamisu

    Look for a Moisturiser

    This one you guys talking about?
  6. tinlamisu


    I've used several packs of Differin, I didn't feel anything but it faded my redmarks, but you have to use sunscreen in the morning or you'll get redness, yea so both good and bad, and after I used it for a while, I don't see it's working anymore, maybe my face is used to Differin.
  7. tinlamisu

    FAQ for Accutane Users

    Is it ok to use Differin while on accutane? I've been on accutane for 9 days, still break out and oily, is this normal? All I see is dryness on my lips and eyes. Thanks for answering