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  1. I love my friends...but I have majorly distanced myself from them in the past 6 months. They are all really pretty girls...skinny and perfect skin. I def don't fit into that category. For the past few years I've been steadily gaining weight because of a thyroid problem. But even worse my skin is at the worst it's ever been. I'm 28 and it seems with every year that passes, the worse it gets and it's horrible now! My new roommate and I work together in the movie biz(behind the scenes) and she's re
  2. I FEEL YOUR PAIN!! I'm biracial so I have so much trouble with acne scars no matter if I pick or not. Us people of color have a much harder time with the "dark marks". I've yet to find anything that helps 100% either. My problem with body acne has been hitting me really hard lately. As I sit here on work I'm on the verge of tears because I feel like I'll have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I wanna were sundresses and bikinis and go the beach with my friends but I can't There are so
  3. So today i just got prescribed Retin-A cream(.025%) and Clindamycin (1%). After reading all the reviews here about the cream not really working and the IB lasting for three months....I'm kind of terrified!! I'm 27 and the older I get the worse my acne gets...i don't know if i can deal with it being worse for 3 months. Sooo please share success stories...i'm already depressed enough lol!!
  4. I started the tretinoin today (and clindamycin lotion)...After reading all these reviews i'm getting nervous too about an IB. Keep us updated on how it goes!!
  5. jlcote

    MaMa Lotion

    Soooo I'm 26 and I have terrible skin. It has really ruined my life. I mostly get cysts...a lot especially before that wonderful "time of the month". I just got mama lotion (well M2 skin refinish) and i'm really hoping for my own sanity it works. I've read so many good things and I used to use mandelic acid a long time ago when my skin wasn't that bad and it would calm down my breakouts. My fingers are crossed!! I think that know that i'm older I need something that exfoliates my skin more than
  6. Smileygirl - Def let us know how that goes. I've come to the conclusion my acne is hormonal as well so if you come across any natural ways of balancing them let us know!! Oh and i like ur office quote lol
  7. hey i've been using tri-luma cream for a while. U def have to be careful how much u put on...i learned the hard way as well. But sometimes ill use it too many days in a row and in an effort to get the peeling process going ill peel off the skin...always a bad idea. My skin gets really red and a lil puffy. But anyways what helps me with that and will hopefully help you is aloe vera!! It has really helped heal the tender skin for me quickly and is a lot better than neosporin cream.
  8. Hey mspixel...whats Spiro? I'm 25 and have hormonal acne that seems immune to everything. As much as u could tell me would be helpful!!
  9. wait ur using sudocream...like the stuff for diaper rash??
  10. I just ordered this concealor after reading reviews on make-up alley. Has anyone used it before?
  11. I have been using tri-luma cream to fade some of my dark marks. Lately i have been getting cystic acne which is awesome and i always manage to make it worse by picking at it...leaving me with some serious dark marks. Tri-luma cream actually has been pretty amazing at helping fade them. Usually they would last for over a year before they were barely noticble. Tri-luma faded one of my dark marks in about a month/month and a half...i mean its not completly gone but at least now it coverable with ma
  12. My skin is really dry at the moment and i was wondering where u can get jojoba oil. Is it available at drugstores?? THANKS!
  13. I have been using tri-luma for the past month or so...i was wondering what other people's experiences are?? Please share!!
  14. Sooooo lately i have been breaking out with cysts which is just awesome. For the first couple days i do ok with not touching or picking at it. But then i just hate the way it feels...they're so big and hard and gross. And i always end up trying to squeeze it out which as we all know is a bad idea and i end up with huge dark marks that take a year to go away. I just got a new cyst and im determined not to touch it. Any words of encouragement are helpful as well as any recomendations on how to get
  15. I just got prescribed Tri-Luma to help lighten the dark marks left from acne on my face. Has anyone tried it before. How long does it take to see results? THANKS!!