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  1. Alright guys.. been a minute since i returned to the boards.. i promised to post before & after pics but i just finished my 4th treatment.. and the doc.. includin myself believes that the treatment yielded a 70% to 80% improvement! my sessions were appointed between 2 weeks intervals..anwyas, im just glad it paid off.. it surely restored a lot of faith.. hope yall get equal success.. ill be back to share more after the 5th.. which's after new years.. im havin a months break now..pz.
  2. so guys would it be considered a wasted treatment if my first session was at 11 and 12 mJs?
  3. dont trip.. u aint got that much scarrin.. peels would probably help.. after multiple treatments of course.. or try fraxel.
  4. wow good to see yall are all improvin.. im gonna try get the doc to work me with 20 mJ settin this friday... hope that'll do.. and birch can u post before/after pics when ur done? and ask ur doc whether 11-12 MJ settings would've been helpful for scarrin.. i'd like to hear out on his opinion also.. and yea.. what skin color or type are u? and how many passes did ur doc execute? anyways.. thanks..best of lucks to yall.
  5. im gonna get my 2nd treatment friday.. at 20 mJ.. dont wana play around with low settings any more.. and i hope to not hyperpigmentate.. ill hook yall up wit pics after the 5th.
  6. wow! the saline injections definitely paid off!
  7. hmm.. accordin to healingforgood.. if my last session which was set at 11 and 12 mJs.. it was a total waste? cuz seriously i cant afford to waste anymore treatments, there's 4 left to go, i do see some improvement after the first.. dunno if my eyes are foolin me or not.. but there is a difference, however scars are still there.. and well im thinkin of goin level 20 next time, or 17.. hopefully not hyperpigmenting also.. goodlucks to all who're on it.
  8. same goes for me.. im sick of the scars, i think we should all stop starin in the mirror too much and get our scars fixed.
  9. i suppose most moved on with they lives lol... but anyways ill be postin before/after pics after my 5th treatment from my doc. they took pics.. with some advanced tech cams.. but yea i'll get it done... i just hope i dint waste my first treatment with levels at 11-12..
  10. thanks kooky.. that charts been real informative.. i'll try aim for 15 and up on the 2nd treatment.. hopefully not havin to have wasted my first on the lower settings.. by the way have u seen any improvements? and because im asian with skin type III.. my doc warns that i can hyperpigmentate.
  11. hmm thanks for the info yo.. i hope everythang works out for you! serious.. i know how devastatin this all this scarrin is.
  12. lol damn we got another emcee on this board? word.. that aint bad considerin how u dropped knowledge on this topic lol.. yo anyways keep em comin..and good to hear you got yo looks back..
  13. i say we all are goin through the same shit.. my life really took a turn when the scars came .. sigh.. now my dreams are delayed.. yall ever wondered why such events like this are placed upon us? anyways.. i hope my scars will improve significantly after the 4th or 5th fraxel treatment.. all we can do now is pray.