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  1. i will take accutane forever if it guarantees clear skin
  2. hhi...saw your pictures...your acne was so similar to mine! I have no doubt accutane will get rid of them and btw...i stayed on 40mg perday for 7 months, for the first few months it was a struggle for my body to adjust, peeling skin everywhere, bleeding rectum etc etc but slowly your body gets accustomed to it and you barely feel the side effects anymore........except for the DAMN DAMN DAMN lips... your lip balm is second to oxygen to survive!
  3. thanks! now i'm getting worried that the effect will not last as long because lately i been noticing my face is a bit oily Funny thing accutane didnt do a damn thing to reduce the size of pores...at least there's no sebum in there
  4. sorry i removed the pic cuz i was feeling weird cuz no one responded...thanks for your replies...and this is for you...
  5. Hi all, I felt obliged to show you my end result after accutane! You people were my guidance, I wouldn't have known about accutane if it wasn't for this site. SO i'm passing the torch along! I'm currently on my 7th month of accutane (and yes...that totals up to nearly $1500 ) of 40mg perday. My dosage were never upped or downed along the treatment. Anyway, I've always always had shit skin, tonnes of blackheads, huge cysts occassionally. I remember when I was starting accutane, I was skeptic
  6. mine's gonna take 7 months too...i'm on my 5th month now.....40mg perday....after 4th month...your body gets used to it and it's like you're not taking accutane anymore....BUT the damn lips...it's like fish skin...it's freakin gross, annoying, sore and painful..
  7. dunno if this sounds negative or what but accutane will cure you out...i'm on my 4th month now and couldn't be happier
  8. in my month 4 now........WHAT IS PIMPLE? LOL havent had acne, and i mean blackheads too for like ..............ages
  9. thanks for the pics!!!! i've ALWAYS been checking on your thread!
  10. can you change your avatar, it's making me SICK can you change your avatar, it's making me SICK Neuvo wavo
  11. you're only 17 when collagen production are still good, so you're skin will be even when you're older
  12. ya around month 1++ is the worst, ppl keep on saying my face is red, (YES I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), itchy rashes, peeling skin, but now i'm in month 3, not really red anymore, peeling has become less severe......
  13. your acne is really mild, chances are you'll experience no to little initial breakout....no breakouts towards month one....so good luck