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  1. it's a paper face mask from this Japanese brand called Fancl. The exact name of the product is White Clear mask SP. can be ordered thru their website. www.fancl.com
  2. yes, it does. pimples form over time from aculumation of dirt and sebum. i have an oily t-zone myself, so i always make sure to blot when it gets shiny. oh, exfoliating once a week helps clear out the pores also.
  3. it's better to get just pure green tea or pure white tea. also, it's preferrable to get the leaf itself, and not the teabags... i always believe the leaves work better...
  4. this is v gd for those with sensitive skin. for me, i use it every night b4 i go to bed. as for oil control, i doesnt do anything. after the water has dried off, you will feel a thin powdery substance on your skin. this will help absorb some oil, but it doesnt exactly control oil production.
  5. yes, you can use vit e oil that are taken as supplements on your skin. you can also buy vit e oil in a bottle also. i'm currently using one from FOTE. it's 100% pure vit e oil, so it's gd. as for the dandruff prob, i dont really have dandruff, so i didnt notice any increase in it. sorry, i cant answer the other questions. hope this helps!
  6. you might try using one with a lower SPF. i read somewhere that the higher it is, the more oily.
  7. there are lots of benefits of green tea, but mostly it's for it's antioxidant benefits. here's a few sites you might want to check out: http://www.green-teas-guide.com/benefits-of-green-tea.html http://www.innervibrance.com/green_tea_benefits/
  8. green tea IS tea. it's from the same plant as the normal black tea that we drink, just that green tea doesnt go thru the fermentation process. the powder that you drink is actually pulverised tea leaves. Drinking the powder is better than the ones in tea bags.
  9. er... how exactly does this work? as far as I know, dust and pollution is everywhere in the air, there's no way we can stop dust from settling on our face!
  10. then why is it that i have both dry skin, especially on my nose, and still have pimples?
  11. agreed. according to my derm, when you apply toner with a piece of cotton wool over your face, you are actually already exfoliating. as for the moisturiser, try garnier mattifying moisturiser. it has clay in it, so will help to absorb the oil. so far, it hasnt broken me out...
  12. i disagree for the bp part..bp doesnt exfoliate it only deals with bateria rivervale..condo. oh i know that place tho,rivervale mall~ ←
  13. you mean going by the beach and letting the sea wind hit your face>? ←