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  1. I don't know if any of you remember me because I wasn't every a heavy poster, but a maybe 4 or so months a go I would constantly ask about accutane hair loss and how it affected me. I thought that at the first sign of hair loss that I would go bald. Being 17 years old and having hair fall out is a very traumatic event, but I have lived through it. About 5-6 months after my accutane course, I began losing large quantities of hair. It seemed my hair was thinning and I began to panic. It's been ove
  2. ya but what about people like me who have red marks all over there back and chest? i know i wouldn't use the full gallon, but I could certainly use a lot more than the 30 ml that i bought from skin wizard. when you use that for large areas like the back and chest, you run out of that stuff quick. for me it would be cheaper to buy the gallon thing and just resell it...
  3. Glycolic Acid Is this the same stuff as the expensive 70% glycolic acids you find online? I mean, you pay like 30-50 bucks (guess) for 30 mL online at derm stores...here you are paying 50 bucks for a GALLON....1 ml = 0.000264172051 US gallon. Doesn't that mean you are getting like 2000% more?
  4. m 17 80 mg - 5 months lots of hair loss, still some hair loss (9 months later), extremely curly/dry hair, depression to the point where i don't really talk to my family anymore beware
  5. Yes, it should be shedding at a normal rate now, and it's probably already started growing back in - it was the new hairs that were pushing the old ones out. Lets hope so. Do you know anything about hair dryness returning back to normal?
  6. Hey guys, For the past few weeks it seems like my hair loss has slowed down a lot. The past few days, I have had only about 2 pieces of hair in the shower drain and about 90% less hair on my towel after showers. I don't know if this is just a phase but it gives me a lot of hope. I've prayed a lot and fought this on my own and I'm not giving up, and for those of you who have seen me post before about how I thought this would never stop, you know how much I stressed out about this. For those of
  7. No. No help at all. If this gets worse (to the point where I need to shave my head) then I will put a bullet it in my head. I'll give it a full year of hair loss and if it doesn't improve at all, then I'll end it because I'm depressed to the point where my family doesn't even talk to me. I haven't had a conversation with anyone in my house since August. The depression I feel doesn't even come from the hair loss...it's just that I'm never happy about anything. If one thing goes wrong, my whol
  8. How long have you been fighting the good fight against accutane? Yes, I had nice, straight hair that I miss. Now my hair is thin...almost like a fiber. When I see other pieces of hair, it looks so much thicker than mine. I had a piece of hair that was on my goatee and my friend asked what it was...he said it's too thin to be hair. I took it off my goatee and looked at it....it was a piece of my hair. I told him it was a spider web or something. Accutane says hair "abnormalities" may occu
  9. Hey, I've posted before on accutane hairloss and i haven't really touched on the other aspects of it. i started losing hair about 5 months after my course of accutane (I'm 17, male, no MPB in family) and it has been shedding and getting thinner ever since for a grand total of 4 months of non-stop shedding. How long this will last or if it will ever stop, i don't know but this pisses me off. fu** roche and fu** accutane...didn't even cure my acne because that's now coming back. Anyways, my hair
  10. Does anyone know of any creme/treatments that has worked for their keratosis polaris? i want the bumps on my arms to go away or at least decrease in severity if possible =)
  11. does anyone know of a perscription i can use to get rid of the bumps on my arms? they are not acne...
  12. not to beat a dead horse, but yes, it is mega-dosing on vitamin basically
  13. Hi, I have been devastated by acne in so many ways. I had it on my face, neck, chest, and back and was afraid to take my shirt of (I still am) in front of other people. I decided to take accutane and my acne cleared, with the only problem of leaving red marks on my back and chest. I can live with this side effect, but the accutane has left me with problems that I don't want to deal with. I have been losing hair for about 3 months now because of the accutane. My hair is also very dry and and is
  14. 1.) SPF 30 should be ok, make sure you keep up with it and use lotion because you will dry out 2.) Accutane does not diminish red marks quicker...it depletes your skin of essential oils and causes your skin to be very dry. Dry skin is not a positive thing when it comes to healing red marks. Just make sure you use lotion and do not do any dermabrasions or acid peels 3.) You hair may thin, it may not. It may fall out for 6 months and then stop, it may be permanent hair loss. I've been losing ha