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  1. I was a long time regimen user. I followed it to the word for almost 2 years until I was clear. I then cut back and began using it just at night for almost another year. I kept clear and was pretty happy until I wanted more. I cut completely off the regimen and just began using a BP face wash. I've been doing that for a year and am still clear. I owe big thanks to Dan and the regimen for keeping me clear all of the years. Made a huge difference to me.
  2. Free radicals aren't necessarily a good thing.
  3. the only way to see if you no longer need the regimen is to try it for yourself. I tried going without the regimen and discovered that a BP cleanser was enough to maintain my acne. Not that I have anything against the regimen, I used it for years and it helped me greatly, but it is nice not to have to keep all that BP on my face overnight as well as saving some time in the process.
  4. What really helped eliminate flakes for me was putting moisturizer on the flake prone areas immediately after cleansing. I was fortunate in that the acne prone areas were different than the flake areas.
  5. I don't think 100% completely just yet, but hopefully soon. I hope at least!
  6. I'm sorry to hear about that (22 years old and getting acne after not having it ever). Hopefully you'll grow out soon? I've decided to use a medicated face wash for now. I am going to keep on monitoring the results for a while more and then I may just switch to soap and water. And then who knows, maybe eventually water.
  7. -----I was using Dan's Regimen. -----I decided to use OXY Face wash which does contain 5% BP concentration, but it is just a wash. Nothing to leave on etc. That's been keeping me clear.
  8. I had a pic, but since I was so handsome I was asked, no forced to take it down. :P

    1. You need to read the FAQ. But here's something quick. Morning: Wash with cleanser. Wait 10 minutes. Apply BP. Wait 10 minutes. Apply moisturizer ON TOP of BP. Night: Same thing.
    2. I suggest you keep your hair off of your forehead and keep your forehead clear of hats and stuff. In my experience, when you try to cover up acne on your forehead with your hair or hat, it spreads and spreads and gets worse and worse.
    3. I have been a regimen user of almost 4 years. It has been great to me. I am greatfull for Dan and this website for helping me control my acne at its worst point and keeping me clear for a long time. I reached a point where I started to ask myself if I was ever going to be able to stop using the regimen. I was pretty much petrified to stop using it as I always feared my acne would come back with a vengeance. A couple of months ago, I said what the hell, let me try it out and in the worst case sc
    4. Yes, I remember the horrible high school years where my acne was running rampant. If you are lucky, it may just be a short term kind of thing. I know a lot of people who had acne in their teenage years and then around 21-22 cleared up beautifully. Obviously, this isn't the case for equally as many people. Just try to stay positive. Try to control the acne as best as possible until you eventual grow out of it (if you ever grow out of it. Some people are far past their 20's with acne).
    5. I think it depends on age, how long you have been on the regimen etc. Some say 6 weeks, others say 2 days. It all depends on the situation I suppose.
    6. It takes a lot of time. You must be very patient. Easier said then done, but many people have been through this.
    7. I don't think it has. Nope it didnt I checked my invoice from 3 months ago.