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  1. yea jc i totally agree.. i noticed a DEFINITE SIGNIFICANT difference while on b5.. hell, if that one vitaminn can work those kind of wonders, imagine what actually changing the other stuff u put in your body can do? people dont wanna believe that diet can impact acne in certain people, but ive also heard stories about people cutting out sugar and totally clearing their skin.. Doctors and dermatologists say diet doesn't cause acne because they can't sell you a healthy diet.
  2. hey ive never taken that stuff, but from what ive heard from people side effects will definitely start to kick in eventually, but not till like from week 2 till like the first month.. be patient and hang in there
  3. hey , i was taking b5 before and i had tremedous success with it.. i was all clear .. it was b5supplements.com and it was in capsule form.. well, i just recently bought these b5 pills i found at cvs but theyre "time released", theyre not like capsules, but more like hard vitamin type things. but theres the same 500 mg in them as the ones i buy online.. has anoyne ever used these "time released" kind and did they work for u ?
  4. wow i didnt know that red marks werent scars. hmm thats good to know, they wont be there forever
  5. dude i hear ya, and im sure that everyone here can relate.. think about that SAME EXACT thing sometimes.. everything looks good, but then it just sucks because my skin looks like crap.. ugggggh i totally hear ya
  6. hey i know that when i exfoliate, right afterwards my face is kinda flushed (u gotta be very gentle) and my red marks blend with the redness already on my face.. then, i just wait a few hours or take a nap before putting anything on my face, and i find when i take a nap i wake up and my skin is as smooth as a babys butt, but the red marks are still there but not as prevalent.. yea thats my phases- red marks redder after exfoliation, and after a while of waiting (or napping) .. i love exfoliating
  7. yea i know i dont have pitted scars , but i have like a few red marks that just REFUSE to go awaY! i know i know.. be patient.. wait for them to go away, but it has been a month or 2, and i had this huge ugly zit on my cheek and yea it didnt wanna budge.. and when it finally did leave my face, it left a mark so that ill never forget it was there .. like this was outta the blue- i dont get zits on my cheeks! and then it happened to the other side! and yea i do get zits, but the red marks fade wit
  8. hey everyone.. i havent been here in a while because mainly, i havent been experiencing much breakouts.. i was sticking to the regimen and taking b5 and everything was just dandy.. until a couple of weeks ago. well let me tell u what kinda acne i had.. mostly on my temples and chin every now and then, and maybe on my forehead.. now this is driving me NUTS.. just recently, i started getting them lower on my face, like i thought my cheeks and lower part of my face was my good parts... well i h
  9. why dont u guys stop worrying bout ace and masturbating and go out and try to get laid! yea well i masturbate regularly, and being a girl, i find that i have this sorta glow after i have an orgasm, whether it's with sex or my hand..
  10. ok i was clear for a few months while i was on b5. like mostly during the summer and all and fall .. and i stopped it and was clear for about a month after and started breaking out again.. so i started it again and yea im noticing my skin getting clearer, but ive been getting zits in new spots and its just SO FUCKING FRUSRATING!!! like on my cheekbone on the left side of my face, goddamn dark red ones ! they started out as like little white heads or whatever and i was TEMPTEED buti didnt touch
  11. youve gotta be kidding me.. people have the most bizarre ways of clearing themselves up.. i find that masturbation increases blod flow to my face hence making me look (and feel) really good when im done, and so does sex.. and all this talk of needles and hot blades?? dont be encouraging that shit.. u only make urself nasty scars.. u r obviously very desperate, and hell if it works for u then fine but dont anybody else try this.. i think it just makes u feel satisfied popping zits and all.