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  1. Ironically, I've never bleached hair or clothes. But a while ago I ruined some expensive green pillowcases I got as a wedding gift and was VERY mad. I mean, I use so little bp that I just didn't think of it. So now I bought us white pillowcases for the nights we use bp. But it still won't bring my favorite pillowcases back
  2. The aloe vera for the suburn is fine-- it is really all the same. Just as long as it doesn't have alcohol. Also, if it is oozing as you said, you may want to apply some neosporin or other similar antibiotic ointment. That can help.
  3. Well, the AHA and BHA are already chemical exfoliators. But I do extra exfoliation anyway. Once a week, I exfoliate with St Ives apricot scrub and then use Queen Helene's mask. For that one day, I don't use any of the acne cure products.
  4. SA= Paula's choice 2%; St. Ives clear pore wash GA= Paula's choice, and also kiss my face 5% AHA if I need to moisturize BP= Paula's choice
  5. Am I the only one that likes the first picture? Because it is more upclose and he is still smiling.
  6. First I must clarify that I have very mild acne but sometimes I can go through rough phases when a lot of pimples will show up at once. I was going through one of these crazy phases before my wedding when I decided to try the acne cure. But since my case wasn’t severe and the products are harsh, I started slowly, and developed my own regime. Here it is. I’ve been doing this for over a month and now only get the occasional pimple before my period. So, for those of you wanting a low
  7. I like St. Ives clear pore cleanser. It has SA high on the ingredient list, and also tea tree oil. But it doesn't burn your face.
  8. Cleanser: body shop tea tree oil soap bar Moisturizer: kiss my face aloe alpha oil-free lotion
  9. I agree with Sweetchica but I would use the 2% BHA, not the 1%. I started with1% and it did nothing. If you are already using 2% SA, then I would stick with 2%.
  10. I think I've said this before... I use Kiss My Face alpha aloe oil-free moisturizer. It is $10 for a huge container, so I use it on my face AND my body. This is the only moisturizer that I've ever found that I can use both on my face and body. That makes it very convenient and I love it The moisturizer never made me break out.
  11. You guys may think I am nuts. But when I get a cyst, the only way for me to make it go away is to make it come to a head and pop it. Initially, I DO try to dry it out with Queen Helene's mask but usually I end up popping it. Usually I just leave it alone and it comes to a head. If it doesn't, I put vaseline on it before sleeping. That makes the white stuff come up, usually. Before popping it, I take a warm shower and make sure the skin is soft.
  12. Queen Helene's mask works for me. But usually I just pop the pimple.
  13. I like the Body Shop's tea tree oil soap. Never makes me break out.
  14. Thanks makeupbaby! I had given up hope of anyone replying to my post...
  15. I also LOVE her products. I have been doing a modified version of the acne cure with her products: 2% SA 8% GA 2.5% BP. I don't use every product everyday, I skip days. That way it won't feel irritating. But I highly recommend her products.