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  1. I thought I should update this for other people in a similar situation. In the two weeks since writing this my skin calmed down again for the most part, I improved my eating habits but then fell off the wagon a few days ago and got a very small pimple, but I really think this is a food thing.
  2. is 5 months supposed to be a marker for it returning if it would?
  3. thank you! this is the kind of reassurance i needed to stay positive. It was a very drastic change in diet and it seems like too much of a coincidence otherwise. I'll update this thread in a couple of days to let people know the progress in case anyone else has a similar situation occur.
  4. not one person of the 68 who read this has any opinion?
  5. Hi. After 4 and a half months of mostly clear skin since accutane I have my first real deal pimple. I was wondering if this is par for the course when I would see them return... or is it possibly my diet. I have been really bad for the last few days eating lots of greasy food, i went from drinking 2 liters of water a day to none and drinking a lot of caffeine. Does anyone think it might be the diet or am I deluding myself? thanks.
  6. do you get them? I got my first one that wasn't miniscule last night. Its already 'popped' i guess but it is worrisome. I've been off tane for 2 and a half months. DOes anyone here think this is a first of many? or do these things happen on occasion? thanks
  7. It seems like my red marks take longer to heal then anyone, so i'm hoping to find another couple people that take over 6 months for red marks to heal... and maybe what they started doing to reduce that time?
  8. has anyone else noticed a connection with how much water you drink and how bad your red marks are? It seems that when i only drink a couple glasses of water a day my skin gets more uneven and the red marks more apparent, anyone else?
  9. I'm 2 months post my first tane treatment and I noticed a couple red marks that look just like the marks i get after a pimple. they even seem to have a bit of a hole. But i never had a pimple there. is it possible its cause of the tane? has anyone else experienced anything like this? thanks all.
  10. hi, I got sun burned yesterday. I'm 2 months post tane. was hoping to get advice on a good sun screen that isn't greasy and i can trust on my face. I'm worried about clogging up my pores with a regular suncreen. thanks.
  11. no doubt at all, most of my scarring before the course was very mild. now its very noticeable. Unfortunately I have a lot of scarring from the IB, i wonder if those will continue to fill in.
  12. Hi, was hoping I could get a lot of responses on this. Just wanted to to know how long after your accutane treatment did your skin return to 'normal'. By normal I mean the skin thickened up so the scars that got more noticeable filled in a bit, and the inconsistency of color on your face evened out. All I need is a number of weeks or months so no excuses not to answer!
  13. he said he went to a conference and they were singing the praises of differin post accutane, thats why he gave it to me. but he inspected them and said they weren<t acne. i hope hes right.
  14. i didn't get the shot... my derm said its not even an acne cyct, just a regular cyst. Do you guys know that not all cysts are acne, or is that wrong? thanks.