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  1. My esthitician is recommending me to do the Jessner Peel. I'm kind of scared but she says it really helped someone that she just did it on. I think it can take a few treatments...first one makes your skin really red and looks like you have a bad sunburn. Anyone with suggestions, feedback, experience?
  2. I wouldn't trip just yet. Sometimes skin becomes irritated when first using a new product. See after a 2 weeks how your skin is adjusting then decide. I didn't really care for the acnefree system but their Scar fade stuff worked wonders on me.
  3. Well it's been working quite well for me..using it for the past 6 months. I used to have really bad acne and I just use the cleanser and the repair lotion..and some of the moisturizers. I don't use the toner..doesn't really do much and irritates more than anything. I did accutane for a while too and have tried everything under the sun and my wife finally convinved me to try this and I thought it would never work..so far it is...I also use other cleansers here and there...masks etc.
  4. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/natural-vit...o-accutane.html Natural Vitamin A : the Safe Alternative to Accutane Most of you will know about Accutane, Isotretinoin, or any of the other names given to the synthetic drug prescribed for severe acne sufferers. However, if you have not researched it or taken it yourself you may not be aware that this drug is simply a synthetic (manufactured), pre-formed vitamin A replacement. Most of you will know about Accutane, Isotretinoin, or any of the other n
  5. I just started taking taurine..1000 mg a day...will ramp it up in a day or 2 to more mgs closer to 3K a day. I do feel more energized. Will get back and post the effects.
  6. I just started taking Taurine 1000 mg a day...for the past few days..noticed some improved energy..also have been taking a b complex 100 too. I also drink a mix of Vitamineral Green(Great stuff) has wheat grass barley..tons of veggies probiotics etc.. along with some aloe vera juice mixed in some diet orange juice. My skin has improved incredibly since taking this concoction. But when I get stressed the acne comes back really hard..especially if I just alter my diet and drink a little too much a
  7. www.aloelife.com I was thinking about trying the gel and some of the pills. Anyone have any experience with them?
  8. ya B5 worked really good initially for me, really helped the oil. I started using it after I came off my accutane cycle. Then I started to break out bad again so I went back on the b5, not really working too well so I just started using this pantethine yesterday. We'll see. I'll report back in a week. So what else are you using with the b5?
  9. I see it mentioned a lot, did a search on here, but I didn't see anyone that had anything definitive to say about it or used it yet. Anyone have any results? Use it for a while? I think I'm going to get it, I heard its better than just B5. I've been using B5 for a couple months off and on and it works for a while but then seems to not work, and I have been feeling so much more fatigued, not sure if its from the B5 or not.
  10. I heard its like a miracle thing for acne and other skin conditions. Anyone have any experience with it? I also heard about this peanut milk that this guy in sf sells. Of course who knows if this stuff really works.
  11. ya I was going to post it in there, not sure why I didn't. thanks.
  12. Anyone try this? I've heard its a miracle thing. Like it really works, clears up all kinds of skin conditions. Anyone?