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  1. I don't want to try the Gycolic peel on tehre. Any good products?
  2. Art Decade

    How long did it take for your red marks

    I've done 6 30% Gycolic peels. Tomorrow shall be my 7th. I haven't seen much difference in appearance...just feels slightly smoother.
  3. Art Decade

    glycolic acid peels

    Don't bother with this 'peel'. I've done 6 peels, no change at all. Looks exactly the same.
  4. Is this as strong as gycolic acid?
  5. Does anyone have the ingredients? It's written in Arabic and I don't know Arabic.
  6. Art Decade


    Definately, when I eat dairy products I break out, so I've cut out a lot of dairy products - yogurt, cheese, cream etc. I just replace them with fruits and salads. Also bread - French bread, bagels = bad, so I replace them with Ryvita and Rice cakes.
  7. Art Decade

    dry lips on Roacc

    I used that thing that looks like lipstick! Strawberry flavour.
  8. I want to have a chemical peel or laser treatment in London. I just went to get rid of the reddish like skin around my mouth, I don't even have much acne. Only when I have dairy products I break out.
  9. Art Decade

    Glycolic Acid Skin Peel

    5th peel no change...-sigh-
  10. Art Decade

    Hair removal kits

    I need one for body hair. Thanks.
  11. Art Decade

    Glycolic Acid Skin Peel

    Has anyone done the 30% peel more than once a week?
  12. Art Decade


    I've heard a lot about Tae Bo and pilates. Should I get the Tae Bo video/DVD with Billy Blanks?
  13. Art Decade

    Glycolic Acid Skin Peel

    No one in this forum sees results after 3 hours, sometimes it takes a couple of days for you to see results. If you haven't seen any results after the 5th/6th peel, maybe you should consider raising the percentage of the peel to 40 or 50%. ←
  14. Art Decade

    Chemical peels

    I need to know if anyone from the UK has had a chemical peel? How long did it take, the cost and are there any in London? Did it work? I really need to get rid of this reddish/brown marks around my mouth. I've been using the Gycolic acid for three weeks, yesterday was my third peel and it hasn't done anything at all. Thanks.
  15. Art Decade


    What's the best time to exercise? On an empty stomach or a few hours after you've had breakfas, lunch or dinner?