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  1. Week 3 update 3 weeks down, and an endless amount left to go. Well, this past week wasn't the greatest. I've had numerous breakouts in my problem areas, and my face looks worse this week than it did last week. But one thing I've found is that my face is getting more tolerant of the BP gel as I ramp up the dosage and isn't drying out too much. Short update this week, I'll see what the future holds.
  2. Week 2 update Wow, two weeks of the regimen are over already. Nothing much to report right now, except that the regimen still seems to be working! I had a couple minor breakouts, but they cleared up a lot quicker then usual. My face is in pretty good condition, except for some marks on the left and right side. I still do not have complete confidence in the regimen, only time will reveal true results. The other day, my sister actually said "hey, where'd all your zits go?", it was pretty f
  3. Week 1 Update Sorry for the late update. After one week of being on the regimen, the results look pretty promising already. I have actually already noticed that I haven't been breaking out as much as I usually would be. Time will telll what happens in the future. My skin was taking on the BP gel perfectly for the first few days, but when I started ramping up the dosage, I started getting the drying and flakiness that everyone was talking about. I'll have to try and figure out how to tackl
  4. After months of using only soap and water with undesirable results, I've finally decided to try the full fledged clear skin regimen. Here's what I'm using: -BP Gel (Ordered online, was quite expensive to get it to Canada due to extra fees) -Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar (Cost me $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart) -Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer ($12.34 at Superstore! ) Anyways, today is my first day, and I'm trying to follow Dan's steps as strictly as possible. The current condition of my
  5. Listen guys: I know for a fact that masturbating is what caused this vicious cycle for me. I was nice and flawless like all of us at one time. I started choking that freakin chicken in grade 11, and low and behold, I started breaking out. I would usually break out the DAY AFTER I performed the deed! I experimented as well! When I didn't do it, I didn't break out! Now I believe my body is in some sort of chaotic state. I touch myself as rarely as possible. But those f*cking frida
  6. No, my hair rarely every touches my forehead, it is kind of afro-like so it stays more erect. It only touches when my hair gets wet. Thanks for the input tho.
  7. I rarely every gel my hair. I have only gelled my hair twice in the past 5 months... My I have a hyper active sensitivity or something. :-s
  8. I have these small a$$hole bumps on my forehead. They have been there for weeks! A few pimples have come and gone and they are still here! What are they? How can I get rid/prvent them? A warm thanks to anyone who replies!
  9. "acne is a cyclic condition" I HATE those words!! This is how it goes: I get mild breakouts every week, usually 1-3 pimples every week or two. What happens is usually I will clear up, be clear for a day or two, then break out again I CANNOT STOP this cycle!!! I have tried, proactiv, clean and clear, benzoyl peroxide regimen, carley's and others!! Please give me words of inspiration! I am very scared, what's happening now is I am breaking out, BEFORE I Clear!!! What's wors
  10. Sometimes my problem area (forehead) will look literally flawless, especially when I'm sweating. Other days, my scars seem to pop off my forehead.