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  1. This month my skin has been no different, i'm on the last few days of my period now and i've grown a big spot on my chin!! normally i break out before my period..
  2. You should only exfoliate once or TWICE a week at the most... You can really over do this!
  3. I'd buy an exfoliator and facial brush if you get dry flaky skin again.. I had dry skin last week and I bought an Aloe Vera exfoliator with a gentle facial brush from the body shop - I used it on the first night to remove the dead skin cells and since then i've just been using an Aloe Vera moisturiser. Only exfoliate once or twice a week as you can over do this - Hope i could be of some help!
  4. I use a gentle facial brush to exfoliate - I bought this from the body shop for £2.00! I personally like the facial brush better than a toothbrush!
  5. I use an exfoliator from the body shop called Aloe Vera facial gel polisher it's for dry/sensitive skin and contains fine breaks to polish your skin.. I also bought a soft facial brush @ £2.00 from the body shop. I find this method very gentle and it does not irritate or make your skin angry! Afterwards I use Aloe Vera Soothing rich night cream for dry/sensitive skin.
  6. I used the Simple oil-control cleansing wipes but because I have sensitive skin I found these stung and made my face slightly red. I decided to have a change and bought a bottle of Witch clean-away cleanser which i use to take my make up off each night, I wipe the cleanser on with a cotton pad and I've found this is very gentle to skin. I'd recommend it! Hope this helps Sarah x
  7. I use body shop products to exfoliate and they are very gentle and do not irritate sensitive skin like mine Aloe Vera Facial Gel Polisher - £6.00 - This is an exfoliator for dry/sensitive skin with aloe vera gel to soothe and fine beads to polish the skin. I exfoliate with a soft facial brush - also the body shop - £2.00 I then use Aloe Vera soothing rich night cream for dry/sensitive skin - £8.00 - non greasy and makes your skin feel really fresh I recommend these products - kind of
  8. Thanks for the info - I have been back to the doc's this morning, just after I made a post on Freederm and was prescribed - Zineryt, so have made a post on prescribed medications to see if anybody has used this ~Sarah x
  9. Hey I have mild acne and have today been back to the doctors for something different to spend my money on!! I was given Zineryt - I tried this before when I was alot younger so am unable to remember what the effects were.. Sorry if there is already a post on this product but i would appreciate any replies with experiences etc... Also does this product make the skin red? Thanks
  10. Well if you go to bed at ten o'clock for a few days - your body clock alters, so if you go later one night - say on a weekend, it will notice.. but then again if u get the same amount of sleep as normal, i dont see why it matters?!
  11. Just wondering if anybody has had a go with 'Freederm' - the new anti-inflamatory cream that is on the tv. you know, that advert were none of them have bad skin in the first place!! It is meant to reduce redness which is what my problem is at the moment. I have bought this product but just wanted anybody's opinions first please! Sarah x
  12. I dont find that my skin get's worse if I go to bed late! - I do find though that if ive been out drinking and get up in the morning, its ten times worse! sorry to change the subject but the effects of alcohol on skin are horrible!.. does anybody have the same problem?