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  1. hey im back , WHERE R U??

  2. Wow that sounds awful, I would not want to make myself ill on purpose.
  3. Washing two times a day is fine on accutane, I did it. I reccomend emu oil as a moisturizer, this coming from someone who has tried every moisturizer there is and it's the only one that hasn't broken me out. It's fine to take fish oil supplements, actually reccomended since it's supposed to help with possible joint soreness caused by the accutane. You should stay away from taking vitamin A supplements of any kind while on accutane.
  4. I remember I tried taking MSM way back in the day, bought some pills on sale at GNC. They made me smell awful when I started to sweat.
  5. There are no flaws in God's creation. Who decides pooping is a flaw? I thought it was just a natural bodily function...not saying it's not gross sometimes
  6. Yes, 3 years ago when I first joined this website there were tons of people using this method. The moderator Jess was the one who came up with the idea.There was a huge thread about it, we were calling it Jessfoliation. The people who were using this method though are gone now.
  7. Yeah I only did it cause i'm crazy. I mean, remember i'm the girl who burned a hole in her face on accident by mixing baking soda, lime juice, and kosher salt. Yeah probably shouldn't listen to me.
  8. Just had to stop by and say I love Mandy, she's the coolest girl around.
  9. I've done it before, but only use a very small amount, and try not to use it often. It thins the skin out terribly.
  10. I've met many people like the one you mentioned in your story. I've had acne for so many years now I can't remember when I used to not think of my skin every second of every day. And yet still, if I even have one decent sized zit on my face, i'll choose to stay inside my house. So I applaud you for being strong enough to take meeting that person, and using their example to empower yourself.
  11. If god is a real thing, then he totally sucks at creating living creatures I must admit. I could have done so much better. There are just so many flaws in his system. Like pooping. Why do living things have to poop? It's totally gross.
  12. http://www.quackwatch.com/11Ind/perricone.html Just thought i'd post this for you to have a look at. My mom went through the Perricone phase for a while and it's just something I never really understood. But if you go through with it, let me know how it goes. I'm sure the diet part of cutting out sugar will help more than anything.