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  1. Marisa, Amiga! How are you? Everything is great! Staying super busy!!

  2. First rule: don't ask how to become a moderator
  3. Check your e-maillllll!! need to catch up sooon!!!!

  4. You're still here?! wow hello! :)

    1. Mara89


      Yes, occasionally :) you do know that we're fb friends, right? haha

    2. real maverick

      real maverick

      Yeah but didn't expect you to still be around here. Time to liven this place up :D

    3. Mara89


      The boards will be glad to have you back! and get better soon : )

  5. They deep fry everything! chicken, pork, potatoes, snakes etc
  6. Hi gorgeous! Hope all is well :D

  7. Te quiero ^ _ ^

  8. That is such a drastic stereotype to make. Have you ever been to Asia or Japan? I have. It is similar to the USA, there are people with it, and there are people without it. You would never know that unless you went to a country (can't believe you are throwing the whole continent under the bus here) and intermingled with its peoples. Huge assumption on your end of the spectrum. Certain shampoos can cause dandruff, SLS dries out the skin. Might want to think about switching to a gentler sha
  9. Would anyone recommend mineral makeup for people with scars? I think the powder would get in my scars and pores and make t look unnatural, I would appreciate any input you can give me
  10. I'm using Fit me foundation and it is a bit greasy (it's not supposed to be oily) but it makes your skin really look good I have old scars from acne and other foundations would make my face look cakey/cracked but this foundation literally like "fills in" the scars and even though they are there, they are less noticeable, it's like the foundation molds into your skin, it's very soft too, so far it has lasted me all day but it can rub off if you touch your face too often, like most girls a
  11. So this is you, haha

    1. TheAssassin


      Why yes it is. I am so glad the new layout has made it so easy for people to find out. I just stop by occasionally these days. By the way, my name is a fail, I am actually the second user. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  12. Whoa I just went through the whole thread, really great results, so glad there is a *cure* for improving scars that will actually work!
  13. I hope you're doing good :)

  14. No problem, Marisa. Did you have fun?