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  1. Nah, God doesn't hate anyone. If you believe in that sort of thing, that is. There are far worse things than acne, not trying to be judgemental but things could be worse. Cheer up, try not to think about it much. Play some music, find a hobby. Find something that you actually like about yourself and focus on that. For me, it was hair and body modifications. May seem hard, but it works if you just get your mind on something else. Jeez I hate not taking my own advice.
  2. If you want to pierce your ears, you need to buy new professional needles, which you can find on ebay or something. You'll probably have a wayy better result, because they have never been used.
  3. so if we eat meat, we'll have clear skin? i'm a vegetarian :/
  4. i think the poll is too black and white. it can be a little of both. i could talk forever about life.
  5. I think everyone perceives a person's face differently. I notice people with acne, [don't particuarly mind it], because i used to have it bad myself. Even though i've gotten rid of most of it, i still notice tiny blemishes and do whatever i can to get rid of them.
  6. I'm sorry you feel so down :[ I used to feel the same way. I still do sometimes. I suppose you cant control thoughts of suicicide, as long as you dont do it. you won't feel like that for all your life, im hoping.i hope things get better for you love.
  7. ohdear. i see you may like to get deep into things. you shouldn't worry about what people think about you love. i know it sounds awful cliche, but i know that its true.
  8. they may or may not mean it. i guess you'll never knowww... .. im only joking. if its someone you care about and love, they should mean it. and if they dont, then fuck the dirty liars.
  9. Hello dears. i haven't been here for what seems like forever. my face has cleared up quite nicely. i get a few breakouts here and there. its not like my skin is anywhere near perfect. but it sure as hell is better. i found the hand soap at bath and body works to be a great help i'm not sure why but i have been washing my face with it for quite a while and my face has gotten so much better who knows. it might be due to me simply growing out of it. well,i just felt the need to come back and po
  10. i ususally try not to eat much. but today i ate nacho bell grande and a bean&cheese burrito from taco bell. i feel like throwing up. it disgusts me that i ate meat too. i'm trying not to eat it.
  11. Have any of you physically abused yourself because of acne and the frustration and depression that normally comes with it? ..if you know what i mean.