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  1. If you think that certain types of foods or diets can contribute to acne, you are not alone! Even dermatologists begin to reconsider the possibility that acne and food intake can be related. For more info, skim over the following article. It contains some information as to what dietary links to acne dermatologist are currently considering (Omega-3/Omega - 6 essential fact acids ration, milk intake, the glycemic index - the sugar and insulin connection). It also gives info about the two studies
  2. I read some information about the benefits of jojoba oil in skin therapy and some sources claimed that jojoba oil is well tolerated by acne skin, as it moisturizes the skin, regulates sebum production, and helps unplug congested skin folicles. Some recepies recommended the use of small amounts of tea tree oil, laveneder oil, and other essential oils diluted in jojoba oil as a carier oil to treat oily skin and acne. Have anyone tried jojoba oil on their skin, and what effect did you have? Even
  3. No, it is not so bad at all.Table Sugar is a complex sugar, it contains much more energy, which gets released very fast in your blood stream. Fruit sugar, in contrast, is a simple sugar, and in addition comes along with a lot of fibre and vitamins, which are good for you. It gets released more slowly and is not so highly concentrated, so it does not give you such a glucose spike. Table sugar gives you nothing except an energy boost. Fruits are your best bet for spoiling yourself with somethi
  4. I have a question; do you boil the green tea or you just add it in the water and let it soak? Does it make a differnce either way?