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  1. irishbrain


    What do you suggest?
  2. I am stating this. It is $32 tub (expensive) but my skin is really clear after 6 months of use everynight on the entire face.
  3. Use Sudocrem, a creamy white zinc oxide based formula that should be applied in a thin layer over the red marks. The cream is an antiseptic and the zinc helps to replenish skin cells thus promoting the growth of new skin over the existing red marks to fade them out. Sudocrem is a Skin Healing Product often refered to as 'Magic Cream' for its many uses. Try it and see, but make sure you wash it off before going out! It does'nt absorb very well to be honest, so make sure you only apply a thin l
  4. Does BP also help to clear the redness that is left after acne, or does it just clear the whiteheads? I have red acne marks that I hate and what to just have skin without the marks. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to write all of that. I am sure if other people read it, it will give them hope. Because, if you know that you can look forward to the privelege of clear skin one day, the problem is a lot easier to deal with. Thanks, and good luck to you also.
  6. Does anyone know if it is possible for anyone who has suffered from moderate acne to have beautifull skin one day after their acne has gone? Or will there always be red marks and imperfections? It would be nice to know that maybe one day I will have attractive skin. Thanks.
  7. Recently I have began eating a lot of red meat and noticed my skin was healing very quickly. I always knew that meat contained protein and that protein was involved in tissue growth and repair, but I never realised that eating excessive amounts of red meat could heal me like this. It is incredible because before this, I was weary of eating junk food because it could make my skin bad. But now, I am going to continue to eat burgers and steak and lots of red meat because it is working for me. Diet
  8. Drinking lots of water is a great way to minimise acne. Water that is pure will flush away the bad toxins in your body - the toxins which build up to cause acne. These toxins are unavoidable in the food we eat. It is simply impposisble to be healthy and not consume them. The sad thing is that when we drink fizzy drinks, it adds more toxins and you may notice your urine is yellow. This means that the toxins have to escape some other way and are therefore entered into the bloodstream. The blood de
  9. Can I just point out that when suffering with acne, the mirror is your worst enemy! It can destroy your confidence and make you feel like your acne is 10 times worse than it is and here is why.. when you look into that mirror, you are looking into it with acne on your mind... and this causes you to focus on your acne more than anything.. A normal person who looks at you will not be in the same frame of mind and trust me.. your acne is not as bad as you think!!