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    Belly Dancing<br />Playing flute/piano/ziles<br />Contorting <br />Camping<br />Mountains<br />Snow <br />Helping people<br />Animals <br />My Dog<br />Family<br />Music<br />Good Movies<br />Food<br />Cooking<br />Boats<br />Reading<br />Lakes/streams ect…<br />Walks in the woods
  1. Yep, I was going to say what adam said, but he beat me to it!

    Happy birthday! Hope you're doing well!

  2. happy bday.. :) havent seen u on here 4 ages.

  3. ~shortcake~ You hit the nail in the head, she took one look at me and said “Oh my, wow….wow� and told me that it was pityriasis, it’s a relief to know what it is. She said that it can last up to 12 weeks! I’m taking olive leaf, hopefully that will help speed along the healing process. Yeah I am under some stress right now, don’t really know how to deal with it Oh it was kind of funny when I went to the Doc’s office the nurse was like “so are yo
  4. hay thinks for the info, I guess I'll find out today what it is (hopefully they’ll know ) if it is pityriasis how long does it take to go away? How much olive leaf and lysine do you take?
  5. Thanks SweetJade1980 your info is real helpful, you all ways seem so knowledgeable when I read your post. I does sound like it, but the "small grouped itchy blisters" does not sound like it. The only other things that I can think of that I have done differently is I started eating goat dairy (but that was about 5-6 weeks ago) and I went to a new pool house, and I started to lifting weights. That is all I can think of. I was also thinking that maybe a bug/spider or something like that bite me. I'
  6. yeah, thats what I'm thinking, but I don't know I've looked up hives, but have not found anything that looks like it...
  7. This is not about acne but I was wondering if someone could help me out, this is really embarrassing I started to get this stuff about 3 weeks ago, it started on my arms and moved to my tummy and back. I’ve been googleing it for the last 3 weeks and I can not find anything that looks like it. I’ve been trying to think if I have done anything different over the last 3 week, maybe went to a new place, eat new food. The only think that I can think of is, I’ve been trying to b
  8. hey Mr.K how you doing? you are The Mr.K right?
  9. thanks, I think No I’m talking about South Carolina, I live in North Carolina, he came up to deliver a dishwasher…Don’t know why we got one from out of state yes I bellydance, I’ve been doing it for about 3 years now, I LOVE it, I really want to teach/perform it when I’m a little older. How long have you been dancing? What is your teacher's name? Do you have MSN messenger? If you do maybe we can talk some dance!
  10. Llvwpi, you have a nice smile, it’s one of those smiles that you can’t help but to smile when you see it. southOCcali, you look just like a guy I met a couple years ago, but he lived in SC. I like your hair. Sorry if I forgot anyone.
  11. Awakened_soul, I’m sorry to here that that’s happened to your hair, hope that you find something to help it. Day 17 don’t know if I should call it that, seeing as that I’m don’t doing the fast any more No changes today, I used a cucumber mask this morning. I’m a little sick today, nothing to bad, I think it might be from being around smoke over the weekend, my throat has been a little funny ever since. I drink some miso broth to help it. I might start
  12. Day 16 My face is looking really good, I’m so happy! I do have a new pimple forming on my chin, when is it ever going to stop! Ok after doing a lot of reading about juice fast, I’m going to…stop… in a way. I’m going to start talking “MedidClear� it’s a rice protein/supplement it has lots of vitamins in it. I’ve read that if you do a juice fast for over 10 days you should take a good rice protein. So I’m slowly starting to put it