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  1. I have been on and off b-5 for 7 years, and I know it caused a lot of the issues I have had with dry skin and eyes. I have tried a lot of omega 3, 6 and 9 combinations from different sources, and in various ratios over the years and did not get any relief from the dryness. Two things I can suggest to you that work really well for me... As far as facial dryness is concerned, steaming with water for 5 minutes or less a few times a week (herbs and a bit of coconut oil can be optionally added to
  2. I've been using chia seeds off and on for about 6 months. For the past two weeks I started taking two tablespoons a day. I take one tablespoon of seeds in a 32 ounce container of water and shake it up so the seeds don't stick together, wait 10 minutes and drink it over the course of an hour. I have noticed improvement with my cuticles which are normally dry and peeling. They are healthy now. Also, I no longer have dry eyes. The seeds help boost my energy level and increase my sense of well bein
  3. Just dropping by to say Hello! Hoping all is well. <3

  4. Been using this for 2.5 weeks... it definately breaks me out but it also seems to be evening out the coloring in my cheeks somewhat. I'll post again if I notice anything else.
  5. ive always wanted to try makin vegan & organic food. yum!

  6. Wow, are they trying to turn this place into a myspace or what? Hey girl.... nice to hear from you!! I haven't been into baking or cooking lately cause I've been preoccupied with other stuff... but I've been known to mix up some organic vegan cookies here n there. xox

  7. hey LIR! do u also bake? :)

  8. Thanks again for coming through! ) I usually replace soy sauce with Braggs and forgo the salt unless it's unrefined sea salt (but with Braggs no additional salt is necessary!). I really appreciate the sites you shared with me a lot.
  9. You can also take ground flax seeds in powdered form... I haven't taken them in awhile but I used to mix the powder into my smoothies and it does work although it's not as potent as the oil. But I'm with you on the taste of the oil.
  10. Thanks for those recipes, they look great, especially the cucumber and beef dish.
  11. The yeast used in beer is much different then candida and in no way causes candida because it doesn't hurt your intestinal flora like antibiotics, refined sugar/carbs, or stress. However, yeast can aggravate candida in a sort of cross-allergy way from what I understand. But see... it's not the brewers yeast that causes candida... it's the alcohol.
  12. I love Thai green curry... the lemongrass, galangal and ginger in it have a lot of positive effects on the system. I think something in it must alter mood for the better as well because I always feel happier after I eat it. Some people can break out from the white rice and from other ingredients... for example tofu will break me out most of the time. But regular vegetarian green curry without the tofu does not break me out. I think the oil used to prepare the curry also counts. I make my ow