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  1. http://www.acnetreatmentlab.com/acne-treat...lipoic-acid.htm A method for reducing and preventing acneiform scars and reducing pore size comprising topically applying to affected skin areas a composition containing lipoic acid or a lipoic acid derivative in a dermatologically acceptable carrier.
  2. Hey guys. Just an update on Topical Vitamin-A. for me sebum production is a bit lower than before but it did not completely suppress oil production but at leas i have fewer breakouts now .. the only thing that i could possibly swear 100% is that topical vitamin-A does really makes the skin softer and has a more refined appearance. Keep testing guys.. By the way i've found another person testing topical vitamin-A and topical beta-carotene check this out. This guy has some interesting stuffs too..
  3. If you took the reqular 5,000 to 10,000 IU vitamin A softgel capsules, you would definitely break out coz they are based on cod-liver oil and they smell kinda fishy too. You should use the Sanofi-Sythelabo "AFAXIN brand" 50,000 IU on your face coz it is based on a different oil base formula. You can only OD and die on Vitamin A if you take it orally, if you apply it topically then there is no danger about it. Like i said if you are going to apply Topical Vitamin A, better get the "RETINYL ACE
  4. Sanofi Synthelabo's AFAXIN brand softgel capsules specially the 50,000 IU version is actually 50-90% of the strength of the Vitamincure brand. IF you take the guts of the AFAXIN softgel capsule it is about 1 or 2 drops. By experimentation and empirical method of measurements that i have done. The over the counter vitamin A softgel capsule AFAXIN have the about the same strength as Vitamincure. IF you guys want the "BIG GUN" of Topical Vitamin A. Get the "RETINYL ACETATE" not the PALMITATE or
  5. I gave up after a week or so. I gave my reasoning in the "oil is ruining my life thread: "I've given up on thevitamincure.com simply because I don't like the website and lack of testimonials, lack of frequently asked questions, etc., etc. And it didn't help that it didn't reduce my oil from the get go which it suggested it would. Anyway, if I'm going to experiment, which I'm always doing, it's going to be w/ something more established. If thevitamincure.com works as well as the handful of folk
  6. topical beta-carotene also works but it is more expensive. What i am using now is an ordinary 50,000 IU vitamin A gel capsules from the drugstore, i just cut it out and squeeze out the yellow vitamin A oil into a 30ml plastic bottle then add 300 IU of vitamin E oil. here is the formula 30 pcs. of 50,000 Vitamin A Caps ( AFAXIN BRAND ) 30 pcs. of 300 IU Vitamin E Caps ( generic ) get the guts out and mix them in a 30ml plastic bottle
  7. I doubt that the topical Retinyl Palmitate will ever cut anyones sebum production.. There is no doubt that Topical Retinyl Palmitate smoothens the skin, i personally experienced the way topical vitamin A smoothens the skin in just 2 or 3 days but i've never seen it reduce the facial oil.
  8. i found this one on google, take note i am not endorsing this company nor do i get paid from this company. this thing is based from Oleanolic Acid. http://www.dermaxime.com/ac-net.htm#Sebum (oil) secretion This ingredient is manufactured by the French firm Sederma, which also holds the patent (FR 2 830 195 - PCT/FR 02/03344) for this particular application. AC.NETâ„¢ is an association of oleanolic acid and nordihydroguaiaretic acid (NDGA) in an osmotic gel, and is used in our Problem Skin
  9. Vitamin B5 is Pantothenic Acid, you can make a topical version by crushing pantothenic acid tablets and dissolving it in distilled water. Vitamin B3 is Niacinamide or Nicotinamide the commercial topical version is Metazene. If you want to make it at home just buy the 100mg niacinamide capsule at GNC and dissolve it in water. see my previous posts for instruction.
  10. I have some left over Panothenic Acid tablets so i'd be interested in trying this, just a couple of questions- whats this talk of inflamation, should i expect a break out from this method? What excatly are the benefits, reduction in subum perhaps? Cheers Ethanol ← The topical pantothenic acid is supposed to reduce sebum production in the same way that megadoses of oral pantothenic acid does. In the original study of Dr. Lit-Hung-Leung on pantothenic acid, it actually involved 10 grams of
  11. I have some left over Panothenic Acid tablets so i'd be interested in trying this, just a couple of questions- whats this talk of inflamation, should i expect a break out from this method? What excatly are the benefits, reduction in subum perhaps? Cheers Ethanol ←
  12. I don't know if this would work with you but ever since i combined Topical Vitamin B5 with Topical Retinyl Palmitate i have been able to drop off the benzoyl peroxide and niacinamide to control the breakout. I don't know it this is only a coincidence but i think Topical Vitamin B5 is also helping to control the breakout. I never had a breakout for maybe about 5 days even without the use of benzoyl peroxide. Perhaps you might want to try using Topical Vitamin B twice daily just like my regime