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  1. Initially you probably shouldn't do it on specific issues because if you do it on just bad feelings that that you feel in your body, you tap a lot of issues at the same time which that feeling was conditioned/rationalized with. Most of your negative feelings dont come from the present moment; they come up as a conditioned reaction to something similar that happened before. For example, If you tap on a bad memory like korkow did (which includes the sight, sounds, people that are there and is comb
  2. cetaphil SPF 15 moisturizer is the only one which hydrates me when i use BP
  3. if it bothers you, it will probably bother her too. If you don't care about it.. she wont either.
  4. Hey guys. I dunno if you've heard of it, but there's a technique which can remove any emotional issue, any bad feeling, even beliefs. It works - you feel the feeling, you tap various points on your body, the feeling goes away. Its called EFT. Its a great manifestation tool too. The way it removes beliefs (which are basically anchored thoughts to feelings - i.e you felt a feeling once.. a bad feeling and you rationalized it with a thought - then you associated the two together and it became a
  5. haha the redness effect. Yeah I remember ppl asking If I went on vacation recently. It goes away. The initial tingling redness took about a week or so. The redness which you dont feel took longer though.. maybe half a year for me. But after a couple weeks you dont even notice it anymore and it doesnt bother you
  6. Hey, My parents didn't think my acne was bad also when I started as well even though it was killing me inside 3 years ago. But if its affecting your self-esteem and its on your mind constantly I would start because any negative effects (time and money are the only ones i see) are worth the stress, anxiety, worry. Though you prob will find other things to dwell on once your face clears up, the regimen is worth it. You can start twice a day and when you clear you can try tapering off to once a
  7. I've been on the regimen for almost 3 years now and haven't been on these boards for about 2 years. You start taking the Regimen for granted once you've been on it it for a while and you're clear. You stop caring about your skin and might start skipping applications.. resulting in breakouts, which is also when you realize how thankful you really are for the regimen. The good thing is they don't affect you psychologically nearly to the extent that they did when you were an acne victim. I had mo
  8. Could be some random stretchmarks. Do they feel bumpy?
  9. After cleanser (Cetaphil Bar) - not dry at all, only start to feel somewhat little dry after 10 min waiting. Flakey though, which go away right b4 i apply BP. After BP (Dan's)- a little dry , no flakes After Moisturizer (Cetaphil Moisturizer, the only moisturizer that keeps me hydrated) - no dryness, perfect for the rest of the day
  10. Was clear of the acne at about 1 or 2 months. Experienced breakouts occasionally (once or twice a month usually) until the 7 month mark. After that, no breakouts. I'm on the 11th month now, only one odd mark left which was there since the beginning of the regimen; doesnt seem to go away . Haha I have never skipped at application, not even once, in my 11 months of CSR, sad .Stick with it, it should clear you up. Give it like 3 months and don't deviate.
  11. Yeah, I've tried Eucerin Skin Renewal, dried me out pretty badly too. The worst dryness experience I had was when I tried the Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion all by itself about 2 months into the regimen, wow.. When I started to get dry, i thought i wasn't using enough, so I used more; what a mistake. After about 4 days, my face felt so heavy so extremely dry that I couldn't talk normally lol. Since Cetaphil is the only moistuizer that keeps me hydrated (out of all that I've tried), the flak
  12. Try the Cetaphil 15 spf moisturizer juicer, it's the only moisturizer that keeps my face hydrated and with minimal flaking, maybe it'll work for you too. All AHA's dry me out really badly, even if I try mixing 1 pump or less of Neutrogena Healthy Skin lotion with 5 pumps of Cetaphil like Superfly used to do, I still dry out. Superfly, I'm curious about Spectrogel. How do you shave with it if it's a gel? Does it lather well? I'm using the Cetaphil gentle cleansing bar right now; is this the one
  13. Should last about 3 months or so. Mine lasts about 3 weeks because I use a full finger twice a day. SO i just multiplied that by 4. It also depends on how thick the line of application is.
  14. thanks alot brandy hmm i guess im still young shouldnt drink it yet only 16 but i have modelling and all that and they want me to get more chunkier haha kinda skinny rite now Protein shakes won't necessarily make you chunkier or bulkier. You have to increase your intake of carbs in order to bulk. Your calorie intake should be around 20 x your bodyweight in pounds to gain muscle weight; 60% carbs, 15% protein, and 25% fat. 1 g of carbs or protein = 4 calories, 1 gram of fat = 9 calories, you