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  1. Id rather not. I like the pills better then the powder anyways.
  2. I bought it from B5 Clear Skin and only took it a few times, its still like 85% full! I will sell it for $25 shipped. Anyone interested? I only bought it a couple months ago and am on antibiotics now so dont have any use for it. Its been kept in my dark and cool cabinet in the back and I need to clear it out. Anyone interested?
  3. If anyone is interested.... I have an almost full bottle of B5 powder, I will let it go for $25 total, thats way cheaper then what I bought it for, pm me! Someone take it off my hands!
  4. I've been on doxy for about 2 weeks and its definetly keeping things under control for me! I just started taking probiotics too to get the good bacteria back in my system.
  5. um... great. I just had cesar salad with cesar dressing which I think has calcium.. and then took my pill.... bad?
  6. No all I said was that I want my hormones tested.
  7. I've tried everything. I tried Dan's Regimen but I felt trapped while on it, similiar to Proactiv. If I missed one day or night I would break out like crazy. Right now my regimen is: Am Paulas Choice BHA 2% liquid Clindamycin Pm switch off between Clindamycin and Diacneal So I'm gonna keep on this for a while. I do want to try antibiotics for a short period so well see.. Thanx for the replies everyone.
  8. My acne is mainly inflammatory..... I dont know, I eat semi healthy food. Yea I guess I didnt even need to have my hormones checked. What a waste.
  9. I had my hormone levels tested last week and they were perfectly normal. I was hoping they would be abnormal just so I can know whats causing my very persistent moderate acne. What else could it be if it isnt hormones? I'm 22. My sister is 20 and has perfectly clear skin. I dont know what my problem is.
  10. I'm not sure I understand what you mean here. I dont have deep scars or anything, just red marks, I guess I should have said that, and if I understand correctly a retinol will help with that.
  11. So this is good for scars then? Would it be ok to use along with Diacneal?
  12. Im using Diacneal right now for about a week, it's like Green cream as it has retinoids and also AHA which makes the retinoid penetrate more. Anyways, how long before retinoids start fading red marks?
  13. Im going to my doctor this Thursday to ask her to put me on Spiro and check my hormone levels. I am almost certain that my acne is hormonal. Anyways, I read around that a side effect of Spiro is weight loss, which I dont mind... My question is, if you will be taking birth control alongside Spiro, some Birth control makes you GAIN weight. So.... what will happen if you are taking both? Also who here has seen good results from Spiro?